Tuesday, 21 November 2017

√Bradshaw Stroll

Another poor day with the sun peeping out for a few seconds.

We had a late afternoon walk up the Bonnet to the Raggalds and up Percy Road and down Taylor Lane.

It was very dull with a hint of drizzle but the wet stuff stayed at bay until we got indoors.


Not a lot about.

A large flock of mainly Common Gulls have taken a liking to the Bonnet fields.
Quite a few came into land as we passed today.
Gulls were on the move throughout the walk today.

A Kestrel was over Taylor Lane and the semi-resident Snipe were on the Raggalds Flood - 4 or so, just visible from the road with possibly 3 more seen from my blown up photos.

A mega distant photo of the Raggalds football field, taken from the top of Percy Road, revealed the Lapwing flock with Gulls and Starlings.

A hunt for a Little Owl, in the 4 or 5 usual places, paid dividends with one eventually spotted in the gloom, seen from Bradshaw Lane as we approached our house.
The picture was taken with the camera on night settings!

A weather warning is in place for tomorrow for constant rain all day and gale force winds in the afternoon.
This might blow something in - will I go out in it? - well, that's another matter.

At least any rain will keep the Raggalds Flood topped up.

Looking over Halifax from Percy road

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