Sunday, 19 November 2017

√Hirst Wood and Saltaire Park

An enjoyable walk today from Hirst Wood along the canal and river Aire with a stop at the cafe in Saltaire Park near the cricket ground.

A cold but bright day with the fields showing signs of last nights frost, where the sun doesn't reach.

Some hardy youngsters were rowing their 'thin' racing boats up and down the Aire. I doubt that I could even balance in one of these, never mind row the thing.


A bit of a slow start, through the woods, with lots of people and dogs enjoying the day.
A couple of Jays were here.
An early Christmas present was a Dipper seen on the river below the water treatment works.

The filter beds had the usual Pied Wagtail and small Gulls and lots of midges.
The low position of the sun and the glare from the filters' wet pebbles making it awkward to see.

The fields across from the river held some very distant Canada Geese, difficult to see if there were any Barnacle with them.

A Heron, in flight, landed nearby, posed for a pic, then resumed its course.

The weir by the boat house had a Grey Wagtail feeding among the rocks.

The trees near the cafe were a real bonus.

Just a few Mistle Thrush seen as we walked around the cricket pitch to the cafe.
Then a Kestrel arrived on the scene and several birds 'flushed' from the trees to relocate in trees in the park behind the cafe.

A really poor picture reveals a large 'Raven' sized bird in among the others - so maybe the Kestrel did not disturb the birds.

There was in excess of 20 Mistle Thrush here with Redwing.

Also in the mix were Greenfinch, Goldfinch and a Nuthatch.

A couple of Greylag Geese and a Mute Swan were on the canal.

An enjoyable outing.

Raggalds Flood was bereft of birds as we passed later.

Lots of wet rain to come (allegedly) this week.

Cropped from above - large 'Raven' type in the mix


  1. Thanks Dave.
    Some good sunshine helps and it's a great place for a stroll.