Monday, 13 November 2017


14:35 - 16:50

A busy day today, so I was late out of the trap this afternoon, on a cold, cold day.

Sue dropped me at Ogden to save me some boot leather and give me some birding time before darkness fell.

I did a second circuit of the water after the first circuit did not bother the camera very much.
I was hoping for some late arrivals as darkness approached, but nothing came along.

Plenty of Mallards in flight gave me something to check in the sky at least.

The Kingfisher(s) late visit below the prom, never happened either!

Leaving Ogden it was getting dark and at nearly 5pm, the lights were on in Bradshaw. when I got home.


C130 small Gulls with a few Lesser Black Backed Gulls.
Jay.Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Passerine alley was very, very quiet, likewise the "Chaffinch" corner.

A few Robins, Blackbirds and calling Goldcrests was about it.

A Jay seen late on in the gloomy woods

Ringby Top, Pule Hill recycling plant in the far distance.
Nearly dark but the camera did OK.

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