Thursday, 30 November 2017


13:25 - 14:30

Winter draws on - I know it's Autumn - but I put my winter drawers on for the first time today.

Christmas victuals shopping this morning and a a plumbers' visit to deal with as well, so we just managed a short 3 mile stroll along the Great Northern Railway Trail from Thornton towards Queensbury and back again.

We discovered a new cafe as well - The Great Northern Emporium opposite Thornton School.

A temperature of minus 2 this morning warmed up to a heady plus 2 this afternoon, but the strong northerly made it feel very cold.

Birds were keeping a very low profile, can't blame them - can you?

Just the usual sp. knocking about.

Coming home  a flock of Lapwing were deciding to land in the Bonnet fields below the Raggalds.
There looked to be a Golden Plover with them - can't be certain - and the double bend and double white lines on the road curtailed any chance of stopping the car.

I did take a photo through the passenger side window of another flock of birds overhead.
I thought they were Lapwing at the time.
Looking at the cropped picture I am not sure what sp. the birds are? 
Fairly sure they aren't Gulls - Possibly Goldies?

Distant Robin of the Day

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