Wednesday, 20 December 2017

√Bingley Canal

A grim day in Bradshaw with drizzle and mist for the most part.

We had a run out to Bingley,late afternoon and squeezed in a half and hour's walk along the canal.

The weather here was better, dry but very,very dull.

Nothing out of the usual seen today.

A good supply of Long Tailed Tits feeding in groups along the canal - c15 birds in all.

Blue and Great Tit - a Tit sp. very similar to a Coal Tit but not a Coal Tit made a brief appearance but I did not get a photo or too good a look before in vamoosed.

Lots of House Sparrows,Chaffinch and Goldfinch about.
Pleasing to see 6 Greenfinch together in one tree.

The canal was quiet with just a couple of Moorhen seen during our short visit.

A pr. of Redwing came chasing along the towpath, one was very, very agitated and made a loud alarm call.

I hollered "Don't look Ethel - but it was too late"
(Ray Stevens - The Streak May 1974).
The agitated Redwing decided to call at the W.C. hitting 'Ethel' on the forehead.
It could have been a lot worse - it could have hit me!

I wondered afterwards, given all the commotion,if the second bird could have been a raptor - maybe a Merlin?

Shall we sit down for a spell?

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