Friday, 1 December 2017

√Soil Hill Pilgrimage

13:00 - 15:00

A new month, and another cold day and another look for Snow Bunting.
First I had a walk up to the Raggalds.

On the way, a Little Owl was seen at distance and at a new location - from the Bonnet. 

The flood was frozen over with just 3 Black Headed Gulls keeping it company.

I went up Percy Road and ahead at the first bend where there is bits of snow in the field.

15 or so Wind Turbines are visible from here, not counting the 9 large Ogden water ones. 
I'm not sure if this is affecting Soil Hill birds, but if you were flying from the north these turbines would certainly be in your face.

Just a couple of Pheasant and a Wren seen on a field wall here.

Along the field side path towards the quarry the large quarry 'pond' was frozen over and there was a lot of noise, vomiting,from quarry workings, of some sort.

A Kestrel was seen way over nr. the Kelham Farm Shop.

The lower north side NK pond was mostly frozen with 2 Moorhen on it.

The north wind along the north west path was punishingly cold. But I did get an O.B.E. for my efforts beyond the call of duty, with c100 Golden Plover in with the Lapwings on the lower fields.
A lovely treat - why are they always so far off?

There were some Canada Geese - miles off - on Mixenden Reservoir by the looks of it.

I managed a few distant pics before frosty bite had me put the gloves back on.
I am a soft northerner - I'm sure I was supposed to be born a Swallow.

Ned Hill Track was bereft of birds.

A Wren was in a wall, opposite the White Cottage.

Another Kestrel (or the same one again) and a Pied Wagtail were seen from Taylor Lane.

2 Ducks were airborne - Mallards.

A second Little Owl was sat proud as punch on a wall, as I came down Bradshaw Lane.

A Kestrel was seen below Roper Lane, as I took me boots off outside - well house trained I am.

Not many great birds - but this is Soil Hill.

Very enjoyable couple of hours with the Soil Hill G.P. making me a happy bunny - oh,sorry, that's Easter isn't it - oh no it isn't.

Somebody's dropped a coat

Robin of the Day

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