Wednesday, 24 January 2018

√Bingley (A very interesting - Mystery Bird)

Wet and wild at Bradshaw this morning, so we had a trip out to Harden Garden Centre and afterwards enjoyed a couple of hours walk from Bingley.

After the gales in Bradshaw, the walk was exceptionally calm.
We headed up Ireland Lane following a very full and fast flowing River Aire.
After a couple of miles we followed a steep path that doubled back through the woods.
The path was very boggy in places.
The path exits, eventually, onto Altar Lane.
Here we dropped down into Bingley to the Car Park.


Not a lot on the fast flowing Aire but we were rewarded with 4 Goosander (2 Drakes).
Also here were a PR. Mallard and a Moorhen.
A Goldcrest was it the trees by the beautiful stable buildings.
A large 'Corvid' passed overhead.

I though Raven at first, but as I look at the photo the bird looks 'very interesting' - it had a white throat and partially white breast.
The bill is all wrong for a Corvid as well.

It resembled a Petrel but the wings are wrong!!
I really have no idea what the bird is!!!!

As is usually the case, I got one photograph before the bird disappeared.

A Buzzard made a brief appearance, soon disappearing at the sight of the mobbing Crows.

A Jay and PR. Stock Doves were in trees as we exited the woods.

Also seen 4 Fallow Deer and a Fox.

Passing below Soil Hill were a large flock of Lapwing.

Mystery Bird

Mystery Bird - cropped from above


Buzzard - cropped from above

Lapwing Flock

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