Friday, 5 January 2018

√Ogden to Bradshaw

[Addendum 20:30 
Sue's 97 year old dad received a penalty notice today, for speeding in Leeds!
Wrong Reg. Wrong man. 
His 3 wheeled walker "ain't go not engine, man"]

14:00 - 16:00 (dark).

A much better day, weatherwise, today.
After some jobs in Bradford City centre this morning, Sue dropped me at Ogden Lane this aft.

A quick nosey at Back Lane brought with it a Pheasant, Stock Dove and a distant skein of 29 Geese, in silhouette, over Mixenden.
Thinking B.S. might be over that area, I phoned him.
In the meantime the Geese headed my way and juggling with the phone and the video setting on my camera, I managed to make a pigs ear of the whole process.

I think they are Greylag Geese,(DJS 's big conks) but I cannot get much light into the photos to discern the colours - maybe someone out there might 'enlighten' me?

The Geese veered off East towards Soil Hill

A M. Tufted Duck and c50 Small Gulls were on the water.

As I was walking along the prom a Twin Prop. aircraft passed fairly low overhead.

The west side path proved uneventful but a short walk up the stream path at the N.E. end paid dividends with a Dipper down in the gloomy Clough stream.

A second Dipper left the waters edge as I headed down the east side path.

A Robin and Blue Tits were here also.

C12 Goldfinch were in the plantation as I crossed Back Lane on my way to Coal Lane, Ned Hill Track, Percy Rd and home.

My first Little Owl of 2018 took some extracting from a tree, in near darkness, as I neared home.
A photo, with the camera set for night photography, did actual capture the distant bird.

(Pleasing to see a Nuthatch at New Bank garden centre, West Vale, yesterday).


  1. Can't be just sure on the geese John.

  2. Thanks for checking them out Dave.
    The 'angle' of the wing looks quite interesting.
    I cannot improve the image Alas.
    They were very low as they passed me and just one bird called 'once' so probably not Pinkfeet.
    They call was a typical 'honk' rather than gabbled.
    Sorry I cannot be more precise.
    Pretty cool if they were White-fronted!!
    Thanks again