Monday, 19 February 2018

√Bradshaw to Ogden and back

14:20 - 17:15

The usual walk this afternoon up and over Soil Hill down Percy and along Back Lane then a circuit of the water and back via Percy.

Soil Hill was very windy with nuisance drizzle.
Just a Pheasant seen!!

15:30 Ogden

A few Chaffinch and a Song Thrush were singing as I went up Back Lane with other birds joining in - a real spring like feel to the weather.
A couple of Pheasants were on the wall.
No sign of the Little Owl.

The water held 44 Honking Canada Geese and 3 Greylag Geese (a unusual species here) with the Mallards and just Black Headed Gulls as far as I could tell.

A Kestrel and not a lot else was seen on the way home as dusk approached.

It was very pleasant to get some mild walking weather for a change.
Half-term duties tomorrow may change my birding habit dramatically!

Some unusually cold artic winds due later in the week / weekend with some easterlies - bodes well for us I think. 

A muddy Ned Hill Track

A bit of evening sun

3 Greylag Geese

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