Tuesday, 27 February 2018


13:00 - 15:30

I had some snow on the deck this morning to move about.
Chris our next door snow fairy had been out and moved some of his snow about so that helped the job.

After lunch we had a stroll around the streets with constant snow flurries for company.
We headed off to Morrison's, which took us about 50 minutes.
There was no sign of the Heathmoor Road Raven today, just a few Black Headed Gulls and a bit of drifting snow.
A quick look at a distant Mixenden reservoir, was hampered by a snow shower, but the res looked bereft of birds.

After a coffee and a doughnut Sue decided to go home via a path above The Grange - Illingworth.
The last time she had walked this path was 50 years ago (when she was in nappies, of course - an early walker).
Unfortunately the path had succumbed to brambles and small bushes and was un-walkable.
Another nearby path did the trick though and brought us through some interesting woodland (but not today) to exit onto Whitehill Road.
We then went to find Illingworth Cricket Club in among the many houses here before heading back home, via School Lane and Bradshaw Park.


Not much happening in the snow showers.
A Mistle Thrush was in the field opposite our house.
Wren, 3 Dunnock, Starling, Blackbird & Robin were taking advantage of my Meal Worms.
A Moorhen and a Canada Goose were on the pond near the
The usual Corvids, Starling,Woodpigeon and Black Headed Gulls seen.
A few Canada Geese made a fly past and a pr. Collard Dove were hereabouts.
A Kestrel was hunting over by Brandy Hall.

The highlight of the day was the noisy Pink Footed Geese seen this morning - pity I couldn't use the snow shovel to take photos.

I have a rubbish photo, of some black mist, taken on my cheap smart phone - I might as well have taken the photo with the snow shovel for what good it is!

Pool/snooker tonight. Haven't been for a while due to illness and the Blackpool train extravaganza - see, got my excuses lined up already.

Improvised Meal Worm Windbreak

Ogden Golf Course

The Grange footpath


  1. Nice pics John, was the helicopter looking for you?

  2. Apparently they were looking for a shoplifter.
    (Fleece Inn grapevine).
    So, no, not me.
    I ain't strong enough to lift a shop.
    Witty or what?