Monday, 16 April 2018

Local Outing - Foreside Lane to Home

13:40 - 17:15

Foreside Lane - Moors - Ogden Water - Ned Hill Track etc.

Very breezy, and chilly with it, but dry and bright at times.
A fair trek around today but not much to show for it.
A Mistle Thrush was singing from the tree outside our house as I left.

Foreside Lane:-

Curlew, Meadow Pipit, Skylark, Pheasant.
Pr. Red Legged Partridge.
Herring Gull, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Mallard.


Barnacle or Canada Goose? Anyone care to give an opinion.
My money is on Canada!!
An odd place to find one Canada Goose though?

Pr. Red Legged Partridge.
Red Grouse.

15:15 Ogden Water:-

A bit quiet.
1M 3F Goosander.
ONE Black Headed Gull.
2 Canada Geese, Lesser Black-backed Gull.

16:00 Plantation:


Ned Hill Track side of Soil Hill:-

Curlew, Skylark, Kestrel.

Bradshaw Area - (looking for Black Redstart!).

Kestrel, Mistle Thrush.

(Can't have Ring Ouzel everyday now can I?).

Spot the distant Red Legged Partridge

Canada Goose? miles away on the moors

Cropped - not a pretty sight!

A distant Soil Hill
The furthest point on my walk

Mega distant (cropped) pic - Carrion Crow I think?

Approaching Ogden Water

Billy no-mates

 Lesser Black-backed Gull - didn't stay long.

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