Sunday, 6 May 2018

Bradshaw to Soil Hill

18:00 - 20:00

I seem to be getting out later and later this week.

Most of today was spent at a buzzing Shibden Park.
We had a picnic for Abi and Emma and Abi enjoyed riding her bike, missing most of the pedestrians.

The gents loo, near the playground, has been locked up for weeks now,which given the huge numbers of visitors, and the money they spend on ice cream and the café, is a real poor do.

After Shibden Park we got Abi's inflatable paddling pool out in the garden and all had a good splash.

While I was sitting under a tree at Shibden Park a Treecreeper and a Grey Wagtail visited it!
A Sparrrowhawk passed overhead.

Soil Hill.

I had a chance meeting with Larry up there.
We seemed to loose each other though.
Hope you had some success Larry.


No Swifts and where are all the Linnets?

A Wheatear was in the Taylor Lane fields.
4 Swallow knocking about.
Little Owl, Pr. Kestrel.
Whitethroat. Curlew.
And a few other sp.

A 'possible' Tree Pipit - but no doubt its my vivid imagination again.
Not even sure if there are enough 'trees' on Soil Hill to attract a Tree Pipit.

An interesting evening, nonetheless.

A few pics:-

A few photos trying to turn a Meadow Pipit into a Tree Pipit!!

Tree or Meadow??

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