Friday, 4 May 2018

Colne to Stanbury hot hike

We took Emma to Boundary Mills shopping complex near Colne today.
One of my least favourite places,on earth,  I'm sorry to say!
While the girls looked at the shops I decided to walk towards home along the Colne to Haworth Road over the high moors.

It was not my brightest idea.
With the cold weather this morning I had dressed for winter rather than spring.

By late afternoon, walking up the steep road had me perspiring somewhat, with most of my clothes in my sack.

 Also, I didn't think the Colne , Haworth Road would do such a magnificent impersonation of the A1(M)!

3 hot hours later I arrived at the Old Silent Inn at Stanbury.
A pint of bitter shandy hardly touched the sides, before the shoppers arrived to take me home.


Nothing special popped out.

A Buzzard was as good as it got.

Both Mallard and Greylag Goose were seen with young birds in tow, which is always nice to see.

The usual Moorland birds were about.

2 Snipe were Chipping , at least that's what I thought the 'call'  was.

After a couple of miles, the Colne to Haworth Road.

Plenty of Midges by Watersheddles.

A Distant Ogden Wind Farm


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