Sunday, 27 May 2018

Round and About

13:00 - 14:20

I had an hours walk from Holdworth to home this aft.
An odd day weather wise.
A strong cool NE strong breeze with hot sunshine.
In the shelter is was sweltering, in the face of the breeze, quite cool.

Birds were nearly non-existent this aft.
The best I could do was a Green Woodpecker calling from down at Oats Royd.

Soil Hill 

19:20 - 20:20

I waited until the weather cooled and the wind dropped hoping to get something tasty on Soil Hill.
Bad timing saw me arrive at Ned Hill Track where a police dogs vehicle was parked and an officer was exercising his dog(s).
I didn't fancy the prospect of an Alsatian on my heels on top of Soil Hill.

A stroll along Percy Road, Taylor Lane, Raggalds and Bradshaw Lane was all I managed.
The flood is now dry, as expected.


 Little Owl, C80 Starling flock, Kestrel, Lapwing, Greenfinch.
Plenty of Swallows about.

A Corvid was very unhappy with a large Gull (Probably a Lesser Black-backed Gull) over the Bonnet as I walked home. 
The bird was big enough for a Great Black-backed and it certainly looks the part, but not sure if this is realistic at this time of the year?

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