Friday, 29 June 2018

Lightcliffe / Priestley Green & Bradshaw - Soil Hill circular

Coach Road:

I had a circular stroll down Coach Road, Catherine Slack area late morning.
I'm normally complaining about  the dark tree canopy on Coach Road, today however, it gave some welcome shade on another scorching day.
I didn't expect to see much given the heat so 2 separate families of Treecreeper were a good bonus.

Most of the other birds were heard or only seen briefly today.


4 Nuthatch, Greenfinch, Song Thrush, Blackbird, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Wren, Woodpigeon, Chaffinch, 6 Swift, Blackcap.
At least 6 Treecreeper.

Priestley Green:

A half hours stroll brought very little my way today.

Top of the shop - pr. Buzzard.

Bradshaw circular:

13:40 - 15:40

I enjoyed a stroll along the Bradshaw farm track to Ned Hill Road, up and over Soil Hill and home via Taylor Lane this afternoon.

Perspiration was clearly in evidence as I climbed up Ned Hill Lane in the blistering heat.

Climbing Ned Hill Lane I had a heart stopping moment when I though I'd got a Yellowhammer but the bird was a juv. Blue Tit seen sideways on as it left a wall.
A family of Blue Tit were hereabouts.


Better than expected given the very hot day.

Bradshaw Farm Track:

Meadow Pipit, Swift, Swallow,  Pheasant.
A nice surprise a Reed Bunting calling / singing.

Ned Hill / Soil Hill etc:

2 Linnet, c20 Swallow, 4 Whitethroat, Willow Warbler, 6 Meadow Pipit,2 Kestrel.
6 Lesser Black-backed Gull in the mown Shay fields.
Grey Partridge, 2 Skylark, Curlew, 2 Swift. Little Owl.

The Midden on Taylor Lane had a bird with a call I did not recognise.
After a long 'excited' search I found the caller - a Juv. Blackbird in among some nettles!

Not a bad do - but far to hot for hiking.

(I've still no idea about my mystery Swan/ Duck/ Grebe from Wells the other day).



Looking West from Ned Hill Track??
Probably a Linnet in the bright sun?

It's got a Yellowhammer look though!!


  1. Great, fantastic to get a juv Treecreeper John

  2. Thanks Dave.
    A first for me as far as I can recall.

  3. Nice one with the juv Treecreeper John, nice pics of Linnets too.

  4. Cheers Dave.
    Hope you are coping wirh the heat.