Monday, 11 June 2018

Ponden, Lower Laithe and Leeshaw Reservoirs

A glorious sunny day today with a nice cooling breeze.

Ponden 13:25.

Very warm here today.

Curlews were calling from the moor.
1 Lesser Black-backed Gull was on the water but it did not stay long.
A couple of large Gulls passed overhead.
2 Jay, Greylag Geese.
At least 3 Common Sandpiper. 
They were difficult to pick out on the far side of the water - even through they were often calling.
Pr. Grey Wagtail.
Raven high up mobbed by Crows.
Just one Oystercatcher seen.

Lower Laithe.

1 Black Headed Gull.
An Oystercatcher foraging in the fields brought it's booty down to the water's edge where a young bird was waiting to be fed.

A distant white blob was at the furthest point of the water - could be 'owt.

Leeshaw 14:45

Noisy Oystercatchers about - I counted 6.
3 Linnet, c50 Lapwing along the NW nearside banking - could be more.
Curlew, Greylag Geese, 2 Redshank very distant.
Meadow Pipit, Kestrel, Pied Wagtail, Stock Doves.

I decided to go home via the 'single track road' through Fly Flats. Half way to Fly Flats ,a car was blocking the road.
The driver had pulled over to admire the view and severed his fuel pipe on a rock (painful).
The car was stuck on the cattle grid.
Being the lightest of the 3 people I got to sit in the car while the 2 hefty blokes tried to move their vehicle - but couldn't.

A little later another 2 cars arrived and 2 more hefty blokes came along with 4 pushing and me on handbrake duty the car was pushed to the side of the road.
A lousy place to breakdown. 

Fly Flats had the near resident BS on site.
I've been warned not to leave the car at Fly Flats so I didn't stop long.

A few Curlew were making a right racket and I pulled up to see what was going on but the sun was in my face and I did not see 'owt much!

If there is 'owt juicy to report no doubt all will be revealed on BS's blog this evening.


Ponden - plenty of shore line

Mistle Thrush? but legs too long.
Thought the bird had a Raptors stance - Merlin?
Probably wrong on both counts!
Perhaps someone will comment?

Lower Laithe:



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