Thursday, 20 September 2018

Ringby Lane - Swalesmoor

11:30 - 13:00

A short visit to Ringby Lane/Top today.
Very dull with light winds, the rain arrived for the last 15mins of the outing.


Lots of Corvids and a few Gulls.

A Lesser Black-backed Gull was mobbing a Carrion Crow for it's food - makes a change for the Crow to be on the receiving end.
The Crow was too wily for the LBBG and escaped with it's food in it's bill.

Flocks of Goldfinch, Meadow Pipit, Linnet were flitting about.
c40 of each sp. seemed a reasonable estimate.
Only 5 or so Pied Wagtail, one with a very creamy throat/ upper breast area.(The picture of it is Rubbish though).

The Wagtail were to the east side of the track after the big (smelly) gate to the recycling centre.

The field opposite had sheep grazing there.
Hope they are hungry, they might reduce the size of the grass sufficiently to see something in it!

A solitary Skylark plummeted to earth (out of sight alas).

As I made tracks hoping to avoid the rain, a small distant bird kept me talking to it, I was trying to decide if it was a Wheatear or a Whinchat.
Looking at the photos at home, It's a 1st year Whinchat.
I did get wet, but worth it for the 'chat'.

Not a bad outing.

I've had a few Whinchats but Stonechat are remarkably scarce this year?

Bradshaw from Ringby Lane


  1. you have done well for Whinchats this year...

  2. Nice one with the Whinchat John you're doing well with em mate, I've not seen one this year.

  3. Thanks both.
    Ive been very fortunate with Whinchat this year.
    t was one of my bogey bird last year.