18th Braden Marshes - Great Egret

Another day, another hike in the blisteringly hot sun.
This time a circuit of Braden Marshes where a of couple local birders were looking, like me, for Marsh Harrier.
They had seen one earlier in the week, but , like me, not today. 
I did come across a Great Egret in flight though.

It was nice to chat with someone who shares the same interest - there are not too many birders about.

One of my hobbies is looking through the charity shop book shelves to see if I can find any bird books.
These books are few and far between - haven't found a Helm's Guide to Gulls ….. yet.
But I've only checked out 150 shops, so there is still time.

The walk loops up to Bembridge Windmill before heading down to Bembridge Harbour along the Duver and up to our St. Helens farm caravan site.

Great Egret

?? Mallard Hybrid or not

Very Shoveler like bill.

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