Isle of Wight Day 3

We enjoyed a trip to Osbourne House today.
The house itself is very dark inside with all the huge oblong windows having blinds drawn down to protect the artifacts from the light - a real shame.

Swiss Cottage and the beach area were fantastic to see and you could spend all day walking the large grounds.

The grounds have some fantastic trees including massive cork trees.

The Swiss Cottage holds some rare stuffed birds and animals, the photos of such I have not published in case they upset anyone. 

Afterwards we walked back to Seaview to our base at St. Helen's.

The Old Fort Pub at Seaview had a "much as you can eat curry" evening; so we spent a few minutes trying out the 4 different curries before following the coastal path home.

The Queen Mary II sailed past as we were eating our curries.

Another cracking day out and we missed the rain - again.


"Usual" stuff!

4 Buzzard, 2 Kestrel (One calling to be fed), 3 Little Egret, Med. Gull and other sp.

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