Monday, 25 September 2017

Elland to Brighouse and beyond

13:35 - 17:45

Today Sue was helping a friend in Elland, who's wife has memory problems, to fill out a 40 page government form.

The process took 3 hours 30 minutes and Sue is Not the blunt knife in the knife drawer.

Sue dropped me at Elland and I walked into Brighouse via River / Canal / River / Canal.
On arrival in Brighouse I started the long slog up the Brighouse and Denholme Gate road before Sue caught me up beyond the Brown Horse at Coley.

The traffic is so bad at Hipperholme that a bus that stopped next to me at the Dusty Miller at Hove Edge was still behind me as I arrived on foot at Hipperholme Traffic Lights!

Sue got snarled up in the road improvements at Salterhebble ... nice..


Elland Bridge area was interesting with 2 Grey Wagtail and a Dipper seen together.

Along the canal, usual Mallards with a Mute Swan, Coal Tit.

The river path revealed a fast flying Kingfisher, a few Goldcrest seen with many Long Tailed Tit.

The feeders near the Nature reserve cafe had the usual birds:-
Robin, Goldfinch, Blue & Great Tit.

(I noticed that the 'Chalk Board' had a sighting of a Lesser Pecker).

The river path after the other viewing/feeding area is very boggy but I persevered along it.
3 Jay, 2 Great Spotted Woodpecker, Long Tailed Tit and a Male Bullfinch.

C15 birds (Willow Warbler sized) flew quickly past, doubled back and darted one after the other into the bushes, not to be located!

A Willow Warbler was in a nearby tree.

A Buzzard called as it gradually got closer. It veered off West, alas, so I did not see it.

Back on the canal a solitary Canada Goose, c12 Black Headed Gull and a few Common Gull were on the lake - difficult to see the lake through the trees.

A Heron was by the fishing lake near the Avocet building and 3 Cormorant were on the usual Pylon.

Another 3 Grey Wagtail were seen on the way to Brighouse, and a real old racket was coming from the riverbank below the big wall before Ganny Bridge - a (juv?) Magpie?? was tearing about but amazingly out of sight in the undergrowth.

I've got a video of the racket, it's at the end of the photos.
Any ideas? Maybe a Squirrel?

A long slog followed, up the busy Brighouse and Denholme Gate.

A bit of a perspiring walk, all told.

Coal Tit

Robin of the Day

Wonder if it's full of beer.

There is a Willow Warbler here somewhere!


Video - (juv?) Magpie:-

00000 from Bradshaw Rambler on Vimeo.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Bradshaw to Haworth

16:10 - 19:00

Birthday parties this weekend with Abigail reaching the ripe old age of Seven on Tuesday.
Saturday she had a meal with lots of cake and buns with Mum, Grandma, Granddad and Granddad Great Ken.

Today she had a party with her school friends, Dad, Grandma and Granddad (again) and lots more buns and cake!
Home from the party at 16:00 - boots on and out of the house by 16:10 for some fresh air.

We did the usual walk to Haworth via Back Lane Ogden, Leeming and Oxenhope.

Not much time to stop and stare - dark at 7PM today, but I did pick out a few goodies.

A meal in the White Lion and a Taxi home.
A long, but enjoyable day.


Little Owl, couple of Red Grouse calling on the moor, Bullfinch calling, a few Pheasant.

14 very, very distant Wigeon on Oxenhope reservoir.

(22:14 - looking at the photo there may be a different duck in among the Wigeon - I'll check the photos again in the morning).

Cormorant and Kestrel.

Chris's Joke:

A man walk into the doctors late one evening
Man: Doctor I think I'm a moth.
Doctor: You need psychiatrist.
Man: Yes, I know but your light was on.

Soil Hill in the distant

Very distant Wigeon

Very distant Leeming Reservoir


Tomorrow's Haworth mansion today

Jackdaw (I think) going to roost.
Could be Rook but I don't think so.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Day of the Raptor

9:10 - 14:45

Over 5 hours out and about on a beautiful sunny day (for the most part).
My walk today took me up Taylor Lane, over Soil Hill, down Coal Lane, across the plantation to Back Lane.

A right turn here up back lane to opposite the Giant's Tooth where a right turn took me across the moors to Foreside Lane top.

Down Foreside Lane and a bit of a circular jaunt along the Water Board permissive path before rejoining Foreside Lane.

Down Crag Lane and up to Asa Nicholson's cafe for a breather.

I followed Brighouse/Denholme Road to Raggalds and Bradshaw Lane home.

Nearing the Raggalds Flood a sudden heavy downpour caught me out, but I manged to get the waterproof trousers on in double quick time (albeit the wrong way round -  just turned my baseball cap 'tother way to compensate -  and all was fashionable again).


Taylor Lane: 

Sparrowhawk, Meadow Pipit, c30 Goldfinch, Kestrel.

Soil Hill: 9:30 (cool SSW breeze). 

2 Skylark, 2 Linnet, c15 Goldfinch, 2 Swallow, Meadow Pipits.

Ned Hill Track: 

Wren, Common Gull.

Coal Lane 10:35

c10 Goldfinch, 

Plantation Track: 

Swallow, 4 Pheasant

Back Lane to Foreside Lane Top: 

Little Owl, Sparrowhawk, 3 Kestrel (2 calling flying in and out of the conifer trees), Swallow.

Partridge flushed as I crossed the moor.

Butty Stop at a memorial seat on the moor top.

Foreside Lane Top 12:10 to Cafe:

Swallow, Meadow Pipit, Pied Wagtail, Kestrel.
Very distant Wheatear.

Crag Lane:

Pied Wagtail.

Asa Nicholson's: 13:15 - 14:00

Wensleydale Cheese, Fruit Cake and Coffee - excellent.

Cafe to Home:

Heron flying over the Shay below Soil Hill.
3 Swallow finding it tough going in the strong breeze.
Kestrel, c20 Goldfinch.

(6 Kestrel and 2 Sparrowhawk seen in total today - could well be the same bird in some instances though).

A really enjoyable walk with a well timed break at the cafe.

Dropped a bit of a clanger yesterday, got my Teal and Wigeon mixed up.
Rushed to put the blog out as my tea was heading for the dusty bin if I didn't 'finish that B blog'.... and then , after tea, I had a look through the pics and realised my error and corrected the blog.

(My birding rule book - excuse number 27 - if you make a mistake blame the wife).
Apologies to all.

Spot the Meadow Pipit

Soil Hill in the distance

Gulls - Distant photo towards Oxenhope Res (TMR)

Great place for my butty break - out of the wind

Very Distant Wheatear seen from Foreside Lane