Saturday, 24 February 2018

Shibden Park / Bradshaw - Ogden Circular

Shibden Park

We took Abigail and Emma to Shibden Park this morning.
The usual birds were here:-
Black Headed Gull, Coot, Moorhen, Canada Geese, Mute Swan.
While the girls were on the green train I had a nosy about and I was rewarded with a Treecreeper.

Bradshaw - Ogden circular 14:40 - 17:25

An afternoon with the Stonechat family.

The usual walk through the Bradshaw Farms to Ned Hill Road bottom, and around Ogden Water.
Back via the plantation , Coal Lane Ned Hill Track etc.
I had a chance meeting with a lady photographer, with a strange request, as I went around Ogden.
Ah - a birder - you'll know this.
"Do you know any good Rabbit Warrens around here?" was the question!
She said she was trying to get special photos of Rabbits.
The lady was in my age bracket, alas - no Bunny Girl!

I had another enjoyable chat with a farmer from Wainstalls as I passed the threshing machine on Percy Road.


The Bradshaw Farm track was good.
Little Owl, Kestrel, Sparrowhawk all seen within a few minutes from home.
Then a real bonus with a Pr. Stonechat on the gorse bushes beyond East View Farm.

15:20 Ogden.

Usual Gulls on the water, as far as I could tell.
I have one pic. that I need to check out - Herring Gull I think.
Canada Geese and Mallards with a bonus of a Nuthatch on the feeders.

Just Robin, Blackbird, Goldfinch and Goldcrest seen on the circuit.

12 Fieldfare >N as I went through the plantation.

I avoided Soil Hill top due to the severity of the ESE gale.
Ned Hill Track was sheltered from the wind and in the sunshine very pleasant indeed.
It was even more pleasant when 4 Stonechat made an appearance flitting about on the walls and fence posts.

The gale returned with a vengeance , as I left Ned Hill Track.

A tractor appeared as I went down Taylor Lane and the resulting Sheep movement , (they ran down the field - hoping for some jock) disturbed c12 Skylark - a real surprise.

Shibden Park:

Bradshaw / Odgen:

Probably a Herring Gull

The bird is too distant for the cropped pic to improve the image.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Bradshaw - Raggalds Flood - Soil Hill

15:00 - 16:20

Abigail and Emma with us today, so I just had a local stroll.
I didn't expect much with the icy wind.
My expectations were smack on.

A Kestrel was in the 'Little Owl' patch , seen from Bradshaw Lane.

Raggalds Flood was mostly frozen, and will soon be an "ex-parrot" (if you get my drift)' with no birds present.

The large Soil Hill quarry pond has lots of unfrozen juice, but no returning Oyks yet.

The smaller Soil Hill ponds were frozen.

A cold stroll about hoping for a Snipe or Bunting failed.

The only bird here was a Heron, flushed from the main track.
The lower NK pond had a distant black dot - a Moorhen.

A Skylark called as I went along Percy Rd.

A Kestrel flew with speed above Taylor Lane.

No Little Owl seen again today.

A Pr. of Ma!lard flew overhead, completing a real lack luster outing, as I headed for home.

Sorry to bore the pants off you! (But if you don't look....).
I'm still hoping that this easterly wind will bring some goddies in.

It is pleasing to see that other local birders are getting Whoopers.

Spot the Heron

Spot the Moorhen

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Birdcage Lane Area - Bingley Canal - Ogden to Bradshaw

A real mixed bag of outings today.

Birdcage Lane Area:

A trip to Sue's dad allowed me a window of 15 minutes to take a walk along the narrow road that turns left at the top of birdcage Lane.

Quite fortunate really - as I was looking at a Great Tit  with the bins, a Great Spotted Woodpecker flew through the view.
The bird landed and took an interest in a potential nest site.

Bingley 5 Rise Locks.

We took my sister out for a 'cafe' and a walk along the canal at Bingley, 5 Rise Locks area.

The saunter along the canal was very rewarding birdwise.

First up a Red Kite flew overhead, and returned later in the walk.
A Sparrowhawk was kind enough to 'flap,flap glide' as it passed high above.
There is something special about Raptors (especially ones I think I can ID!).

A Coal Tit popped up to sit in the sun for a mo.
Good numbers of Long Tailed Tit were here also.
3 Grey Wagtail were seen with 2 Mute Swan.
The ladies returned to the cafe and I took a look at Bingley Bog North.
I was lucky enough to catch sight of a distant Little Egret (reported on the BOG web site a while back).
The Little Egret soon moved into the longer grass.
A great bird to locate.
A Good few Long Tailed Tit in the bushes here as well.

Ogden to Bradshaw 15:20 - 17:00 (ish).

Later Sue dropped me at Ogden to provide me with some well needed extra exercise.
I was hoping something might have dropped in.
Cold now and the SE wind more noticeable.
Not a lot here.
Just Robin and Blackbird seen on the circuit.
The water held the usual Common and Black Headed Gulls with (possibly) a 1st winter Herring Gull - looks like I'll have to look at my Bird ID Books.
Also here c30 Canada Geese.
Just a Pheasant seen from Back Lane.

A Kestrel was kind enough to fly quickly past as I slurped along the now quagmire that used to be Ned Hill Track.

I found the walk home very tough going, with a stop for a breather a necessity as I climbed over Soil Hill.
A Moorhen was on the very distant Lower NK pond.

Nothing else up here, but given the late hour and the very cold wind, what else did I expect?

Looking at the Gull ID will have to wait - I should have been out of here 5 mins ago.

Birdcage Lane:

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Bingley 5 Rise Locks:

Signs of Spring

Very brightly coloured Pheasant


1st Winter Herring Gull (possibly)

Common Gull