Thursday, 23 November 2017

Ogden to Bradshaw

A shopping trip to Skipton this morning where heavy rain and a strong wind put paid to our usual walk.
The Skipton bypass fields seemed 'more flooded' than normal and we were hearing stories about the flooding in Lancashire , on the radio, and in some of the shops.

Back nearer home Sue stopped the car at Foreside Lane, Denholme. 
My intention was to walk over the fields to Ogden and then walk home. The strong wind and wet stuff had me jump back into the car and start the walk at Ogden instead.

Ogden 14:15 - 16:00

The weather wasn't too bad with the occasional shower and some bright stuff.
I enjoyed a quick chat with B.S. as we crossed paths on the Promenade just as I was leaving for home.
I went home via Boggart Brigg, Peat Pits, Cow Hill Gate Lane, Ingham Lane and Bradshaw Lane.


The usual Mallards and Gulls here as far as I could see.
Gull numbers were increasing as the afternoon progressed but the light was poor for checking them out.

A Black Headed Gull had taken a dislike to a Carrion Crow, for some reason and it was doing it's best to chase the Crow off. The Crow however was giving as good as it got.

The circuit was poor with a few Goldcrest and possibly Coal Tit heard but nothing much seen except Robin, Dunnock and Blackbirds.

The fields near the Moorlands held a few Canada Geese and some 'odd' Geese.
There are 3 Geese in the photo that appear too 'Black & White' to be Canada Geese, however they look too large to be Barnacle Geese.
I think they must be Canada Geese and the colour on the photo is a trick of the light? Confusing.
The light was poor and the birds quite distant.

A Heron flew >W fighting the wind.

Just Goldfinch and a few Starling seen elsewhere.

A life on the ocean waves

Plenty of water here.

Confusion photo.
Birds:Top left, Top Right Middle and Far Right.
These 3 look more Back and White than the others.

Bradshaw Fields - coming dark

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A couple of local reservoirs

Leeshaw 11:00 - 12:00 (ish)

I had a run out to Leeshaw this morning to see if this windy stuff had dropped owt in.

Very breezy and quiet on the water with most of the Gull population hiding around the NW edge of the water, too distant for me to get any decent photographs.

A Cormorant was diving constantly and a Grey Wagtail made a brief appearance.

A pleasing moment was when I eyeballed a Kestrel sheltering under the top of a field wall.

Leaving Leeshaw in the car, c30 Geese flew over.
I got some rubbish photos - but I didn't ID the Geese.

With Best Lane closed and some roadworks on my earlier journey, I decided to go home via the Fly Flats road.
This route also encountered road works where there is a major wall rebuilding project underway near the Oxenhope boundary.

I had a two minute stop at Fly Flats,  just long enough to take a picture of the water.
There were no birds on the water, as far as I could tell, lots of waves and wind, quite bright though.
I do not leave the car nowadays, when I visit here.

A surprising encounter on the road before the wind farm, a road sweeper.

And, a not so surprising encounter, further along,a burnt out car.

Ogden 12:40 - 14:15.

After a coffee and a butty stop in the visitors centre I spent 90 mins or so doing a couple of laps of the water.

It was windy with some drizzle but not as windy as home.

c25 Small Gulls on the water with a couple of Lesser Black Backed Gulls and the usual Mallards.

The first circuit was quiet but a Kingfisher flew from bushes near the water, as I went along the west side.
It disappeared into low dark bushes further along, not to be relocated.

Also about Dunnock, Robin, Blackbird and 6 or so Goldcrest.
A Chaffinch was heard but not seen.

No sign of any Chaffinch flock that might hold a Brambling I'm afraid.

The second circuit was much like the first - quiet.

A urgent call of nature had me legging it deeper into the woods.
As I returned towards the path a bird caught my eye, high in the gloom of the conifers, a Treecreeper.
Higher up, in the same area,a Great Spotted Woodpecker was also in the gloom.

So some sort of reward here - I'll have to start going for a pee more often!

There is a big change to the weather after Thursday, with cold stuff and wintry showers.
I'll be glad to see the back of this gloom.


Poor - distant pics of Gulls on the NW corner

Geese - taken through the car windscreen

Fly Flats:

Looks pretty - but blowing a gale


A near deserted bread lobbers area

The Treecreeper and Great Spotted Woodpecker pics are so bad. that even I darn't post 'em! 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Bradshaw Stroll

Another poor day with the sun peeping out for a few seconds.

We had a late afternoon walk up the Bonnet to the Raggalds and up Percy Road and down Taylor Lane.

It was very dull with a hint of drizzle but the wet stuff stayed at bay until we got indoors.


Not a lot about.

A large flock of mainly Common Gulls have taken a liking to the Bonnet fields.
Quite a few came into land as we passed today.
Gulls were on the move throughout the walk today.

A Kestrel was over Taylor Lane and the semi-resident Snipe were on the Raggalds Flood - 4 or so, just visible from the road with possibly 3 more seen from my blown up photos.

A mega distant photo of the Raggalds football field, taken from the top of Percy Road, revealed the Lapwing flock with Gulls and Starlings.

A hunt for a Little Owl, in the 4 or 5 usual places, paid dividends with one eventually spotted in the gloom, seen from Bradshaw Lane as we approached our house.
The picture was taken with the camera on night settings!

A weather warning is in place for tomorrow for constant rain all day and gale force winds in the afternoon.
This might blow something in - will I go out in it? - well, that's another matter.

At least any rain will keep the Raggalds Flood topped up.

Looking over Halifax from Percy road

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Hirst Wood and Saltaire Park

An enjoyable walk today from Hirst Wood along the canal and river Aire with a stop at the cafe in Saltaire Park near the cricket ground.

A cold but bright day with the fields showing signs of last nights frost, where the sun doesn't reach.

Some hardy youngsters were rowing their 'thin' racing boats up and down the Aire. I doubt that I could even balance in one of these, never mind row the thing.


A bit of a slow start, through the woods, with lots of people and dogs enjoying the day.
A couple of Jays were here.
An early Christmas present was a Dipper seen on the river below the water treatment works.

The filter beds had the usual Pied Wagtail and small Gulls and lots of midges.
The low position of the sun and the glare from the filters' wet pebbles making it awkward to see.

The fields across from the river held some very distant Canada Geese, difficult to see if there were any Barnacle with them.

A Heron, in flight, landed nearby, posed for a pic, then resumed its course.

The weir by the boat house had a Grey Wagtail feeding among the rocks.

The trees near the cafe were a real bonus.

Just a few Mistle Thrush seen as we walked around the cricket pitch to the cafe.
Then a Kestrel arrived on the scene and several birds 'flushed' from the trees to relocate in trees in the park behind the cafe.

A really poor picture reveals a large 'Raven' sized bird in among the others - so maybe the Kestrel did not disturb the birds.

There was in excess of 20 Mistle Thrush here with Redwing.

Also in the mix were Greenfinch, Goldfinch and a Nuthatch.

A couple of Greylag Geese and a Mute Swan were on the canal.

An enjoyable outing.

Raggalds Flood was bereft of birds as we passed later.

Lots of wet rain to come (allegedly) this week.

Kestrel in the distance

Birds 'flushed' in the distance

Cropped from above - large 'Raven' type in the mix