Thursday, 20 February 2020

Ogden (am) - Ringby Lane/Top (pm)

A double drenching today.


10:45 - 12:15 (ish).

A very, very wet circuit of Ogden Water this morning, before calling for a coffee in the visitors centre where the windows had sprung a leak.

A Herring Gull and 1 Common Gull, distant, when I arrived soon left to leave the water bereft.

Not much about on the circuit , a good few Coal Tits were examined for any specials, with no joy.
Blackbirds in good numbers also.

4 Small Gulls, distant, arrived as I left and I got a major excitement going on, when one of the Gulls resembled a Med Gull.

After grapevining my 'find' further examination of the photo, on the camera, revealed black in the primary wing tip feathers, so Black Headed Gull was on the menu not the Med Gull - my apologies for the mistake.

Probably have to wait till the Lesser Black-backed Gulls start to arrive to have a decent chance of picking up a Med Gull?

Ringby Lane/Top Swalesmoor.

13:10 -15:00

A second birding outing this afternoon and a second drenching.

Gale force winds on the top with bands of heavy sleet showers passing through. 
Very wet for the most part with some brightness arriving as I was leaving.

The usual, huge, contingent of Corvids but I saw no Raven today, which was disappointing.

4 Pied Wagtail, 2 Meadow Pipit but no Gulls on the top.
c10 Common Gulls opposite the Ski Slope.

A small (Stock Dove) sized raptor, very fast with the wind, tried and failed to catch a Meadow Pipit.
I actually got a photo - but it's a blurrrrrr.
Possibly a Peregrine Falcon looking at the silhouette.

c10 House Sparrow at the bottom of the track.

A short detour along Hag Lane brought with it lots of Great and Blue Tits and a pr. Bullfinch.

C35 Lapwing at the Raggalds as I passed on the way home.

Another 'no tick' outing.


Ringby Top / Lane:

No sure what I have here!!
Probably the small Raptor - Peregrine.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Ponden Reservoir - Oxenhope Area

A visit to my least favourite shopping venue today ... Boundary Mills, Colne ugh!
Its been 'done up' since my last 'moan' and I did get some birthday pressie treats from Sue, so I should be more grateful!

We stopped to photograph 10 Oystercatchers seen from the road, as we passed through Ponden.

We called at Leeshaw on the way home, but it was very wet and windy so we legged it!
A Cormorant was on the ironwork here.

Late afternoon, I did take a drive up to Soil Hill, when a bright period appeared at home.
I got out of the car into strong wind and rain, then got back in again.
I parked at Ned Hill Track for a short butchers hook but didn't eyeball much.

Maybe I'm seeing some sense in my old age, no drenching for me today!

More wet and windy stuff this week, roll on spring.

Monday, 17 February 2020

Along the canal - Elland to Brookfoot

14:45 - 16:45

Breezy, very dark at times, but no rain made a very pleasant change.
Wierd weather along Roper Lane on the way home with Black skies, swathes of lashing rain / hail coming over from the west then blue sky.


Greenfinch, 2 Mute Swan, Jay.
The usual small birds on the LNR feeders.
Canada Geese moving about.
2 Heron overhead.
4 Cormorant overhead.
2 Coot.
Herring Gull.
Black Headed Gull.

The 'tickless' days continue.

Smart looking Herring Gull.

Cormorant? or something more exotic?
Photo not good enough to tell?

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Ogden to Bradshaw

13:30 - 16:00

Sue dropped me at Ogden Lane and I had a couple of laps of the water (it tastes awful) before returning home via the farm track at the bottom of Ned Hill Lane.

A nasty hail and thunderstorm drenched me through as I went along the Ogden promenade.
After that things slowly improved with the strong breeze drying me out again.
The sun came out as I was nearing home - typical.


c20 Small Gulls at one point.
2m 2F(probably) Goosander (possibly a 3rd male).
Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Very quiet on the small bird front as I did the rounds.

A Sparrowhawk, looking like it had just had it's tea, flew over the Bradshaw fields.

(No Little Owls today).

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Short local outing

Emma and Abi with us today and with the gale and rain not a day to go walkabout.
I took a short car ride up to check the Raggalds Flood.
The gale nearly took the car door off!

Plenty of juice but not 1 bird by the flood.
A few Black Headed and Common Gulls on the football field close by.
A drive up Percy and down Ned Hill produced the same result with a few small gulls seen with Rooks and Jackdaws.

An unpleasant journey this evening to Sowerby Bridge then Heckmondwike then home - it was nice to get in through the front door!

A Heron was battling the weather, near Brookfoot.

I'm fed up with the incessant westerly gales and rain … whatever  happened to the beast from the east?

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Ringby Top Swalesmoor & Soil Hill

A couple of hours birding up at Ringby Top early afternoon.

I needed a boost after being gifted a £35 parking ticket in St. Albans road, Skircoat Green this morning visiting a friend.
I used to park my horse there, when I went crown green bowling, at Greenroyd B.C. in the "1800's" without a problem - how times have changed.
If I can't see the permit holders only signs it doesn't bode well for this year's birding list!


Ringby Top:

Breezy, very dull, with bands of dark clouds approaching from the west.
The odd sharp shower … sky brightened as I was leaving.


A large skein of fragmented Geese, way off over Pellon, fast disappearing - c140 Pink Footed? or Greylags??
Given the high number of Geese I'm thinking Pinkies.
Just 1 Common Gull for the first hour followed later on by c15 coming through.
Black Headed Gull.
Herring Gull.

At least 2 Raven.
House Sparrow.
c20 Pied Wagtail.
5 Skylark
Very distant high Raptor plagued by Corvid - Peregrine? probably Sparrowhawk.
c15 Meadow Pipit.
1 Lapwing.
1 Fieldfare.
1 Grey Wagtail.
Stock Dove.
Usual Corvids.

Soil Hill etc:

An hour, late afternoon, up to and around The Hill did not lift the spirits much.
I might need to lift some spirits, in a glass, after some of my visits here!

Pick of the bunch:

Little Owl
Pr. Raven.
c30 Fieldfare over > West.
Herring Gull.

A Couple of distant Raptor Photos (Peregrine?)

Soil Hill:

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Brookfoot(canal), Raggalds and Ogden Water

Another cold and blustery morning with hail showers.
We had to visit Heckmondwike this morning and we called at Brookfoot for a very short walk along the canal on the way home.
The floods have damaged the canal wall in places and also given the galvanised fencing, by the iron bridge, a thumping.
The towpath is very muddy where the water has encroached and we were not 'dressed for the part' , hence the short walk.
I had a nosy at the Raggalds on the way home.

Birds (Brookfoot):

1 Cormorant!
Small fast Raptor , prob. Kestrel.
6 Canada Geese.
c20 Small Gulls.
1 Lesser Black-backed Gull.
1 1st/2nd Winter Herring Gull needs 'more work'!
The bird has a long, thin, white head.
Plenty of bird song.

Birds (Raggalds):

Flood - lots of juice - no birds.
Fields - c35 Lapwing.
2 Black Headed Gull.
In excess of 200 Starling.
Another dead bird.

Ogden Water:

2 slow laps of the water, the first a tad quiet, the second an improvement.
Good to see BS and have a natter on the way around.

Pr. Goosander.(Just 1F seen on the 1st lap).
c20 Small Gulls at one point.
1 Lesser Black-backed Gull.
1 Herring Gull.
2 Reed Bunting.
20+ Siskin.
Nuthatch. A tad scarce here.
Loads of Coal, Great and Blue Tits.
c30 Goldfinch.
2 Great Spotted Woodpecker.

A Mink chasing Mallards on the NE pond failed to catch one. A nasty animal with no predators?

An enjoyable couple of hours with birds constantly on the move, keeping the interest going.
No ticks and no 'specials' but the weather was a lot better than expected. Good to be out and about.

Roll on spring - mind you I can do that in bed.



Ogden Water: