Friday 23 February 2024

Ogden - Hail, Sleet, Rain and Sun

A bit of a grim circuit of Ogden this afternoon improved a bit  but only because I paid a visit to the cafĂ©!

Good to chat with the volunteers and the "two sticks lady" as well as CS there.

I also called at the Raggalds Flood on my way home but all was deads-ville today!

A much better weather forecast for tomorrow and with Abi having 2 school friends to sleep over at ours tonight I am hoping to slope off in the morning.

Live in hope,  etc ,...


Just a couple of Black Headed Gulls on the flood with loads of juice though.

c40 Gulls.

2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls.

4 Canada Geese.

4 Robin.

2 Blackbird.

Long Tailed Tits.

Some very high pitched contact calls heard but the callers remained incognito.

Singing Thrushes was " me lot"

I think it's good idea for me to add an "r" to "Me lot"... hic.

Came home from the boozer late last night - a tad "slurry".

I said to the wife "I love you".

Wife replied "Olive who? - how much have you had to drink?"

 " Twaves" I replied.

 "Look" she said "It's me or the pub".

I hesitated a bit to think and eventually said.

" It's definitely you - I can tell by the voice".

Thursday 22 February 2024

Raggalds Flood - Bradshaw Fields - Brookfoot Lake

On her way to Tesco, Sue dropped me at the Queensbury barbers this morning to have my ears lower and I decided to walk back to check out the Raggalds Flood.

After lunch I had a very short outing up the saturated local fields.

We had a late afternoon dinner date with some friends that we were seeing in Spoons in Brighouse and I made a dash along the canal to check out the Ski-Lake.

Wetherspoons was pretty busy on our arrival and packed by the time we left.

We enjoyed some excellent jock and good beer at great prices - a good do!

The boozer kept me from me blog tonight - though - I knew you would be missing it,  but these things do happen from time to time 'hic'.


Raggalds Flood.

6 Lapwing and 3 Black Headed Gull.

Local Fields:

Little Owl.



2 Mistle Thrush.

Brookfoot Lake:

(No Swans).

3 Goldeneye - 1M 2 F.



1 Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Loads of Gulls, "miles off"  to my left as I looked through the railings

3 Heron.


Little Grebe calling from the lagoon.

3 Cormorant.



Wednesday 21 February 2024

Bradshaw Fields (after the deluge) Late Afternoon

A very wet, very windy and mostly unpleasant day today with not much birding.

I did get out late afternoon for a dry, very, very windy stroll up the local fields.

A real wellie job now along the new river/path.

More rain forecast for tomorrow will probably turn me 'ed rusty.

That would be ok , though , nice to have some rusty coloured hair instead of this grey mop and the rust would be a good indication of my brain speed or lack thereof.

Men are from Mars..

Wife: I'm off to the chiropodist - she's good she knows her bunions.

Husband: Right Toe - see you later then.

Wife:       Gout of way then!

Wife:        anklcall me later on.

Husband: verucastigating me?

Husband: I'll get me own tea then.

Wife:       Auf Wiedersehen then pet.

Husband: I just said I''ll feed messen. 


2 Male Stonechat.



9 Canada Geese.

2 (probably) Grey Partridge.

2 Little Owl (1 seen , 1 heard).

Both Stonechat

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Brookfoot Ski Lake

Car expenses are just like buses I think, one minute there are none, the next a few arrive together.

Today it was new tyres day for Sue, so we headed off to Brighouse at lunchtime to visit a small independent tyre business -  PSM Tyres.

While Sue was at the "treadmill " (ho ho ho) I had my nose to the grindstone - well , not the grindstone, to the railings near the ski-lake.

It was good to chat with Mick there.

After a nosy about I met up with Sue in Spoons for a snack.

Earlier a text from JM reporting Pink Footed Geese over Brighouse heading NW, had me stood in the garden gazing skyward.

I was thinking that the Geese had gone further north and bypassed me when a second text from DJS told me they were now over Lee Mount (way south of me).

I picked them up as black dots in the bins, aimed the camera in their general direction and took a few snaps! But I cannot see them in the photos.

There were 75 Geese ... see  Calderdale Birders Blog

It was a mild windy day with heavy rain and strong winds arriving late afternoon.

Looks a bit grim tomorrow morning.


Usual birds, for here, seen today.

16 Heron.

18 Cormorant (probably more out of sight).

2 pair of Goldeneye.


3 Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Herring Gull.

Black Headed Gull.

Common Gull.

Grey Wagtail.


2 F. Goosander on the river.

Joke. (Thanks - Tommy Cooper).

I know I've told this one before but who cares, I like it.

There are 8 billion people on the earth.

Of the 8 Billion  - 1.49  Billion are Chinese.

Therefore one in 5 of us must be Chinese.

There are 5 people in our family.

Therefore one of us must be Chinese.

The members of our family are:-

1. Me.

2. Our Barry.

3. Our Jennifer.

4. Our Zhang Wei.

5 Our Carol.

Not really sure which of us is Chinese.

I know it's not me.

I think it's our Barry.

One in 5 people on the eaer

Monday 19 February 2024

Bradshaw to Ogden (and back)

Some garden tidying this morning to get ready for spring.

Tons of moss on the flower beds this year, but the garden wall that normally puts its moss coat  on over winter,   did not have any this time.

I had my "usual" outing this afternoon with a walk across the Bradshaw fields to Ogden.

I did most of the circuit of the water before sloping off east through the woods to Back Lane.

I retraced my steps to home.

It was pretty dull (in more ways than one) and very windy this afternoon.

Bradshaw Fields:-

55 Common Gull.

1 Herring Gull.

Black Headed Gull.

2 Stock Dove.

2 Buzzard sightings.

3 Greenfinch.



C40 Small Gulls.

2 more Buzzard sightings.

Coat Tits and Goldcrest.

Plus a few others.

Back Lane:

20 Lapwing.

1 Curlew.

c30 Starling.

Plenty of Greenfinch calls heard throughout.

4 Buzzards sightings in total but not sure how many Buzzards.

From the garden late evening:- 

Two further? Buzzard calling over Oats Royd, just before dark and a tight circle of c40 Gulls moved slowly together NE ish. 

Unusual for me to see this Gull formation... I cannot think there would be any insect swarms this time of year?

Gulls over the house just before dark.

Saturday 17 February 2024

On The Buses / Bradshaw Fields

Another "Stan and Olive" outing as we combined a few bus rides with some walking today.

Just a small camera with me on the walk.

First up was the 502 from Bradshaw Church to Keighley.

(While we were waiting for the bus Pink Footed Geese flew past, going towards Ogden. 

They remained unseen though, in the thick, low mist).

From Keighley we took the Bradford shuttle to the Riddlesden Area.

From Riddlesden we walked along the canal into Bingley.

We enjoyed a snack in Bingley Wetherspoons.

A change of plan today as we caught the K4 bus from Bingley Railway Station to Cullingworth.

From Cullingworth we caught up with our usual 502 from Keighley to take us back to Bradshaw Church.

The bus timings worked extremely well for us today with 9 minutes the maximum waiting time after leaving Bradshaw.

This afternoon I had a walk up the local fields very nearly missing the forecast rain.

A very dull mild outing.


Bingley Walk.

1 F. Goosander.

11 Greylag Geese.

Canada Geese.

C15 Siskin in dark dark trees.

3 Greenfinch.

3 Grey Wagtail.

2 Pied Wagtail.

17 Pheasant.

2 Heron.

2 Oystercatcher.

Bradshaw Fields:

c100 Small Gulls together in one field.




2 Buzzard circling high and calling.

Bingley Walk.

This was in with the Siskin?
The blurry bird.

Our 2024 new years resolution diet is definitely working.

Bradshaw Fields: