Friday, 22 May 2015

Oats Royd


It’s Granddaughter for a few days from this aft. so I popped down to Oats Royd while the going was good.

It was a murky drizzly morning with poor visibility at times.

It was pleasing to see 7 Blackbirds within 20 yds of each other nr. the park.

The usual species were about.

Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Swallow, Jay, Chiffchaff, Moorhen, 2 Canada Goose one on a nest, Willow Warbler, Pheasant, and a pr. Bullfinch - I haven't seen Bullfinch in a while.

A hawk flew silently past and landed nearby, a Sparrowhawk I believe. I got a picture but the Hawk remained partially hidden and soon left the scene.

A large raptor, high, moving fairly fast NE(ish) came over - I did get a picture but its crapsville, I'm afraid. 
Looking at the cropped version I think it’s a Raven.

Bank Holiday Joke.

It's that time again.

Young Jonnie gets a new cowboy outfit for his birthday and he is strutting his stuff down Bradshaw Park.
He's shouting "I'm Jonnie six pack", drawing his guns, pointing them at anything, and shouting "Bang! Bang! you're dead" ,then holstering them, very quickly, and repeating the actions again and again.

He hears Ice Cream Van music and moseys on down the park.

He asks the lady for an ice cream cone.

A very well endowed lady in a tight white 'T' shirt serves him and leans over to ask " Do you want crushed nuts?"

Jonnie six pack draws both guns in a flash, points them at the ladies bazoomas and shouts:-

"Why - Do you want your boobs blown off?"

Enjoy the break.

A very distant Soil Hill in the low cloud

A Chiffchaff in the murk

A 'raptor' a long way off

Cropped - possible Raven ???

Pleanty of food on this tree - I don't know what bird, if any might feed on these


  1. Carrion Crow John, a stonking Sparrowhawk if it had shown its head.
    Have a good Bank Holiday.

  2. OOPs, pressed twice again.
    PS Perfect tree for Crossbill

  3. Cheers Bri - a Big Big bird.

  4. I,ve heard of the headless horseman but it's a first for a headless sparrowhawk haha.