Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Ogden - Bradshaw

Another showery and very windy afternoon, although most of the showers were kind, only one hail shower got me!

Another lack lustre performance I'm afraid.

Ogden 13:00

2 Linnet, Mistle Thrush, Curlew calling, 6 Swift, Song Thrush, Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff, GSW calling.

Possible Dipper call, but I did not see one.

3 Swallow, 4 Meadow Pipit, 2 Jay.

Ogden Water.

On the water 4 Canada Goose , usual Mallards mostly males, Tufted Duck.
Pr. Great Crested Grebe bobbing their heads in unison a few times before going back to looking sleepy! Unfortunately the video dosen't quite capture it!
One of the Grebe looked to be offering the other Grebe a fish, and in one of the photos it looks like one Grebe has just swallowed a big fish!

There was a large gull on the podium a long way from where I was - LBB? It had gone when I had come around to that area.

I gave Soil Hill a miss, having forgotten to to pack some lead ballast to keep me on the deck, in this wind!

A Pied Wagtail and a Goldfinch were by Peat Pitts Farm and a Coal Tit was on a wall by Bradshaw Park.

A Lynden Baines Johnson flew across the field, as I neared home, and landed next to a blue plastic sheet – most prob. a House Sparrow but I’ve included the photo in case it’s not!! (getting desperate or what!)

Any cobwebs that were on me when I set off were definitely not on me when I got back.

Not a bad few miles walk in the end.

Spot the Jay

A warm spot out of the wind