Thursday, 28 May 2015

Whitby - Sandsend area

We had a few days break at Whitby this week:-
The high points were picking up a stunned Swallow that had hit a window at full pelt and placing it out of harms reach. Putting down a little puddle of water in case it needed a drink and after 4 hours rest and recuperation the Swallow was on it's way. Also, a large moth that was caught by the incoming tide was allowed to grab my boot and made it to dry sand - not sure if it made it though.
The low point was when we pedalled to Robin Hood's Bay from the far side of Whitby. While at Robin Hoods Bay my bike decided to play silly buggars and the rear gear block decided to shear completely off the wheel spindle (or whatever the tech word is).
I gave the bike a serious kicking and some serious looking over before -
I had some bailing band in my rucksack and we tried a makeshift tow job. First with me on the broken bike and Sue towing me with her bike and then me doing the towing and Sue riding the broken bike but alas it was an abject failure.
Still I love walking, scootering (of a sort) and generally side-saddle pratting about, for about 7 miles.
House Martin, Sand Martin, Swift, Swallow, Yellowhammer,Pied Wagtail, Herring Gull, Kittiwake, Red Legged Partridge, Black Tailed Godwit (I hope), Oystercatcher, LBBG, House Sparrow, Moorhen, Greenfinch, Whitethroat & Others.
A few photographs:

What's for tea?

A nasty disagreement on Whitby Golf Course not an Eagle or an Albatross

I'm sure Sue's getting taller


  1. My favourite stretch of coastline for my second passion, RNLI Lifeboats,

  2. Thanks Bri.
    Checked my photos against the collins and I still get it wrong!!