Tuesday, 12 September 2017

√Hebden Bridge to Bradshaw

12:45 - 16:45 (Moorlands)

It's a while since we have done a longish hike so today (with some nasty weather forecast for tomorrow) we caught a few buses to Hebden Bridge and walked back.

Sunshine and showers with a strong westerly breeze was forecast.
The waterproofs were on straight away but we never got wet at all!!

Not a birding day, really, but I did have the bins and camera around me neck - playing catch up ever time I stopped.

We left Hebden Bridge (after the obligatory coffee and a bun  in the 'Sause' cafe) at 12:45 and headed up the very steep cobbled path at Bankside.

Our route continues to climb and then, at Walker Lane,takes a right and then a left to go on up past the Hare and Hounds Pub.

Straight over the road and a good lane rises to the houses at 'Popples'.

A sunken way is met and followed uphill, through a boggy section, to meet the moor, proper, at a stile.

Lunchtime here with a ham sarnie.

The path climbs again to finally reach the top of the moor.

An enjoyable flat bit of walking for a while now.

c40 Meadow Pipit were seen in groups of 4 and 5 as we crossed the moor.

At the end, the path meets a fence, and turns right above a sunken way.

Possible Pr. Common Redpolls here?

Some serious bog hopping now (God help us in winter, if it's this boggy in September) as we make our way to Ferney Lee Farm.

A good path drops down to Clough Cottage.

22 Meadow Pipit were on the lines here.

A Pheasant with a very small (but flying) youngster in tow here.

A Pr. Red Grouse flew across the moor.

The path eventually drops down to Jerusalem Farm.
The toilets and showers here are immaculate.

Another stop for the other half of the sarnie before dropping down over the bridge and up 'tother side to pass the building at The Hullett.

Up again through a farm and up again to a good lane.

A right turn towards Wainstalls before a left over a stile again across moorland.

Very boggy here, but ok on the wooden causeway.

8 flighty Mistle Thrush were on a wall here.

We arrived at the old 'Moorcock Inn' buildings and crossed another boggy cow field.

The path goes through a kissing gate to enter a really overgrown section, between walls with nettles.

Possibly C20 Linnet on the wire - can't be sure.

A poor show for the Calderdale Way path - I don't remember it being so poor.

On, past some dog kennels, to cross a field and a stream with a smashing new wooden slab bridge.

We rise again to Norstar Kennels and the main road.

We are now in familiar territory , through the quarry and down the steep Hunter Hill towards Stod Fold.

c30 Swallow and at least 1 House Martin here.

c75 Canada Geese in the fields here.

Up through Lane Head and a left at the Kennels through another overgrown path between walls.

Over a wall stile and along an overgrown path between houses to emerge at Mount Zion church, Per Lane.

A Sparrowhawk here and Gulls took to the air.

A short stroll and we we ended up at the Moorlands for the Early Bird (£6).

A really,really enjoyable day out.

(could have done with more birds on the blog - but Hey!)..

A few Pics:-

Waiting for the bus in Bardshaw

The Cobbled path at Bankside.

Higher Still

What's this doing here

On The Moors

Don't take a photo ! look at me hair!

Boggy Moors

Lots of Meadow Pipit

A pretty feather - but what from?

Towards Booth I think

Though Meadow Pipit when I took this

But possibly Common Redpoll

Another interesting feather

Making headway now

Clough Cottage

Near Wainstalls - a new bridge

Mistle Thrush - very flighty

Looking back to where we were an Hour ago

More Bog

and Nettles

Poor pic - but Linnet I think

Getting to Hunter Hill

Stod Fold

Mixenden Res in the far distance

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