Friday, 24 November 2017

√Black Friday - Spy one get 4 free

10:00 - 15:00

Lots of walking about on a beautiful sunny, crisp and cold November day.

First we walked up to Asa Nicholson's cafe and back, via Deep Lane, for a bacon butty.

Deep Lane and Squirrel Lane were very slippy with icy this morning.

We enjoyed a chat with Dan Branch's mum on the way past.
Good luck Dan with your 'adventures'

When we arrived home I carried on walking going up the bridleway opp. the house, along the fields past East View Farm to exit onto Ned Hill Road. Along Syke Lane, round Ogden Water and over Back Lane through the plantation.
Along Coal Lane and Ned Hill Track to Percy Road, Taylor Lane and home.

 A fair hike.


Not a lot seen on the 'cafe' walk.
No sign of the Snipe on the Raggalds Flood (frozen going, thawed on the return).

My first of 5 Little Owls was seen from the Bonnet though.

There were 2 more Little Owls seen from the track to East View Farm.

A very distant Buzzard sp. was being mobbed by a Gull as I went along Syke Lane towards Ogden.
A Jackdaw was still helping to feed its juv. offspring.

Ogden Water was quiet again, normal now, for this time of day with the usual Gulls and Mallards.

A very distant Great Created Grebe morphed into a Black Headed Gull when I got nearer!

A Jay was seen from the Promenade in a distant tree.

From Ogden to Coal Lane my 4th Little Owl made an appearance.

I had a scan from Ned Hill Track and spotted a small bird landing on a fence post.
It immediately left not to be relocated.
I thought Black Redstart, but when I examined the photo, that I just managed before its departure, it was a Stonechat - nevertheless a good 'un.

A few Canada Geese were in a distant field, but no repeat of yesterdays Barnacle geese.

From here to home my 5th Little Owl appeared. seen from Taylor Lane.

Also, somewhere, along the way 2 Roe Deer.

17:40 Snowing outside - the first snow of autumn 2017 for me.

No 1

No 2

No 3

Robin of the day

Approaching Ned Hill Road

No 4

Very distant Stonechat

There she blows!

No 5.

And somewhere along the way.

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