Wednesday, 15 November 2017


We had a drive out to Ilkley today with a couple of friends.
The blokes (me and Ray) managed a short stroll while the bloke-esses (Sue and Tina) looked at the shops.

We had a very short nosy in the Ilkley cemetery just in case the Hawfinch was still knocking about.

A lady asked "Are you looking for that special bird - twitchers are you? Anyway, my friend, who is a serious birder tells me that the bird has flown".

The Hawfinch did not appear in our 15 mins or so walkabout.

We walked back to Ilkley along the river and then along the lane towards the Golf Club.

We did eyeball a few decent sp. but nothing mega-like.

Redwings and Fieldfare were flying about with a few Redwing in the trees near the Cemetery grounds.
A Jay here collecting Acorns.

2 F. Goosander were on the river Wharf.

A Heron was near the 'north-end' bridge by the chippy.

Lots of Mistle Thrush about and a Song Thrush.

Dark skies again, not much sun, making the photos poor.

Dark coming through Bradford 16:45

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