Tuesday, 14 November 2017

√Judy Woods (Wyke Area)

Another poor day with thick fog first thing and heavy drizzle off and on for the most part.

It didn't stop D.W. getting some cracking Snipe shots on the Raggalds Flood though (Nice one Dave), take a butchers at Birdbrain Blog (NK).

We had a call to make at Wyke and so I thought I'd give Judy Woods a good looking at - if you'll pardon the expression.

Very pretty here (and an overcoat warmer) even in the gloom.
The sun peeked out, didn't much like what it saw and peeked back in again.

My birding drought continues...

I was hoping for a flock of Chaffinch with maybe a Brambling in amongst but the place was bereft of both sp.

Lots of dogs with their parent(s) coming and going might have affected any ground feeding birds.

Not many birds seen but a few heard.

2 Great Spotted Woodpecker called from different sections of the wood.

A Nuthatch called but remained hidden.

Jay, Kestrel, many a Magpie and a few Woodpigeon, was about all I could eek out, of this lovely place.

6 Squirrel were here also.

A nice place to go when the foggy/drizzly stuff is at Bradshaw.

A Mistle Thrush was in the trees opposite our house earlier.
I seem to get a pr. of Mistle Thrush ever Autumn/Winter - they seem to enjoy the meal worms that I put out when the weather is bad.

Pool, snooker tonight hopefully - hope it's better than my birding!

Feeling a bit semi-mental so ..I've put some pictures of our Coast to Coast walk ... years ago... on the blog. 
They can be viewed from the page thingy on the right of the blog.

The pictures are taking from actual printed photos - remember them?

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