Thursday, 16 November 2017

√Local Walk

12:45 - 15:15

A short afternoon stroll this aft. to Asa Nicholson's cafe, for a coffee and a bun, at Kelham on a cold but sunny day.

We went via Raggalds, Deep Lane, Squirrel Lane and Crag  Lane and home via the main road.

A Kestrel was over Roper Lane and Common Gulls were in the usual Bonnet fields.

D.W's Snipe were by the Raggalds Flood.

Difficult to say exactly how many birds were present possibly as many as 10 were there when we passed going, and three or so seen when we passed on the return leg.

The water looked to have receded between both visits! More rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, so it should get a top-up.

Also here were the Lapwing flock, 60 or so, and a few small Gulls.

As we left the Lapwing flock were spooked and a number of small Corvids were taking an interest in a larger Corvid - a Raven.
Not sure if the Lapwing would be spooked by a Raven?

Later, going down Deep Lane a second Raven was seen(or possibly the first one seen again) and also here 3 Mistle Thrush feeding in a brown, grass less field.
A good few House Sparrows were on Squirrel Lane.

No sign of any Little Owls today - but I bet they are there!

I went to a retro clothes shop yesterday to get some 1970's kit for a fancy dress party that I have to go to.

The shop is owned by a Brummie - I love the Birmingham accent.

After choosing some Bell Bottomed trousers and some black chunky shoes with mega high heels, I spent a good bit of time looking for something else to complete my ensemble.

The shop owner approached, to offer advice (I thought).
"What about a Kipper Tie" she asked.
"Thanks - that's kind - milk and one sugar please" I replied.

The old (repeated) ones...

Snipe invisible to the naked eye from the roadside view point.

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