Saturday, 18 November 2017

√Shibden Park

A slight change to our normal Saturday with a later visit to Shibden Park with the poor weather in the morning not conducive to Abigail's bike.

This worked out a bit better bird wise:

The usual Black Headed Gulls, Coots, Moorhens, Mallards and Mute Swans about.

A short walk brought with it:-

A Great Spotted Woodpecker heard, not seen.
A Grey Wagtail feeding on the walls next to the boats at the south end.
A Pr. Pied Wagtail.

Possibly 7  Pink Footed Geese picked up, mega distant >WSW. 

However I can't ID them through the photos, just the flight pattern makes me think Pink Feet?
They were far too distant to hear any bird calls.
Even cropped and lightened a bit, the pics ain't much good.
I suppose they could be Canada Geese.

18:50 Just checked the Calderdale Birding Blog and DJS reported Greylag Geese seen at 15:30.
The time on my photos is 15:32 so the same birds.. puts an end to my doubts.
Pretty amazing how 2 birders in separate areas can see the same birds with 2 mins!

The approaching gloom tested the camera's abilities, with some unusual results .... ghostly apparitions.



  1. Looks like the same ones John. Greylags have the big 'conks'. Well done for getting some shots.

  2. Thanks for the tip Dave.
    The 'conks' certainly look the part on the photos.