Friday, 15 December 2017

√Bradshaw and Oats Royd Area

13:45 - 15:35

Another cold day with snow flurries giving way to some good sunny spells.
Thought I'd put me old ice skates on instead of the boots today - it seemed more appropriate.
A icy blast from a northerly blow, later in the day cooled me down a bit as well.
(....and that that completes the shipping forecast bip, bip, bip).

Winter birding, away from water, was very, very quiet again today.
(All the Oats Royd ponds were frozen over today.)

Presumably many of the Thrush sp. are keeping to Lower areas?

A few Chaffinch, Great Tit and Blue Tit in Bradshaw Park.

6 Moorhen in the fields here.
A Green Woodpecker called, once, very loudly and eventually flew into conifers and out of sight.

A distant Heron left the scene as I went down the walled track to O.R.
A Moorhen was at the side of the pond and a few Small Gulls passed through while a solitary Chaffinch called from high in a conifer. 

The 4 resident Geese made me smile as they landed, skated or belly-flopped onto the frozen pond, unscathed.
One Goose tried a spot of skating, failing abysmally, doing the splits and a poo simultaneously.
10 points for synchronisation at least.
I did not video it - to save it's blushes!!

Muddy path between Holdsworth & Oats Royd.

Spot the Heron

Ah! there it is

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