Tuesday, 5 December 2017

√Hirst Wood, Canal, River Aire - Saltaire

We had a call to make at Shipley today so we squeezed in a walk along the river and canal at Saltaire, later.

A very, very dark sort of day today. 
Mild enough in the woods but a cold breeze along the canal.

Jay was the bird of the outing with at least 10 seen at different spots along the walk.

Grey Wagtail and c40 Pied Wagtail were on the filter beds.

A F. Goosander was on the river near the water works outlet pipe.

A Cormorant was further along near the boathouse and later one flew overhead.

A couple of Wren and 3 Nuthatch seen along the riverbank.

A Dipper was by the boathouse weir.

A few Chaffinch , plenty of Goldfinch and Long Tailed Tit were feeding along the canal side opposite the bowling green.
Not many Chaffinch seen yet this autumn, maybe we are due an influx this week?

Black Headed Gulls were on the cricket pitch.

A couple of Mistle Thrush and what looks like an elusive Song Thrush were hereabouts as well.

A small flock (c15) Fieldfare flew over as we went past Moorhead? Golf course on the way home.

Another enjoyable saunter, if a little short.

A big change in the weather from tomorrow afternoon with gales and then very cold for the week-end.

I know the blog has been a bit boring this last few weeks.
It has been a bit tough birding of late, with not lot to get excited about.
But the walking and fresh air is still enjoyable ,even if I'm not seeing any special bird sp.
They are out there - somewhere! Just where though!

Thanks for tuning in, hopefully things will improve.

A few Pied Wagtail pics.
Difficult to see through the fencing and overgrowth

Robin of the day

Song Thrush?

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