Saturday, 2 December 2017

√Soil Hill

13:45 - 15:15

Another quick look on Soil Hill for Snow Bunting or Jack Snipe - you never know .......... but a bit of a futile effort really.

Not a lot about today on a dull, but milder day even though the Raggalds Flood is still frozen.

I guess there is not a lot of juice there now.

A Little Owl was seen from Taylor Lane and a Kestrel was hereabouts.

A Moorhen was below Soil Hill, on the lower NK pond - no sign of Lapwing or Golden Plover today though.

The bird of the day and a bit of a surprise was a Green Woodpecker that flew over my bonce as I arrived home - a rare garden tick.

Ah well! At least England have got a good draw in the Wold Cup thanks to the 'Hand Of God'.
Looks like we'll  meet Germany if we get through the first bit.

Raggalds Flood from Percy Road

Stupendous Green Pecker.

Even more stupendous cropped Green Pecker.
(I was actually quite pleased I got the bird in the picture at all!!)


  1. The Little Owl never lets you down John and nice one seeing a GW.

  2. Cheers Dave.
    Great to get some feedback on the blog.
    Bradshaw seems to be blessed with Little Owl.
    I guess there are 2pr within 400 yds of my house and more than 6, all along the way from home to Ogden.
    A lovely bird that seems to like the sun - and remains stationary while you take it's pic!
    Hope you are in good form mate.