Sunday, 3 December 2017

√Thornton Area

10:00 - 14:00

A look at Thornton Cemetery this morning followed by a long stroll along the old railway track, towards Queensbury and back.

With the local Hawfinch sightings being at Ilkley Cemetery and Bingley Cemetery I though Thornton Cemetery was worth a try - not sure if Thornton has the right type of trees though - anyway no Hawfinch appeared in my goggles today.

The cemetery proved to be a good stroll around quite a large area, steep in places and a good leg stretcher.
3 Mistle Thrush, reclusive Sparrowhawk, lots of Blackbirds and a few Robin and Collard Dove were hereabouts.

The railway path is an interesting place with the early section, by the school, very busy with small birds - Blue & Great Tit, Dunnock, Robin, Wren, Goldfinch, Chaffinch, Robin, Blackbird in abundance.

A Grey Wagtail was airborne but no Brambling (as yet!).

Further along the cycle path a few Goldcrest were flitting about and a Great Spotted Woodpecker called and was seen at distance.

A good few Gulls in the fields with Black Headed and Common Gulls and at least one Herring Gull.

A distant Coal Tit made an appearance in the sun (fully clothed!!).

I enjoyed a chat with 2 'birding cyclists' who were on their way to Sowerby Bridge via Queensbury, phew!
Enjoyed the chat, hope you had a good 'un.
No Woodcock seen I'm afraid.

A Green Woodpecker called at intervals, 3 times, but I did not eyeball it.

Long Tailed Tits were feeding near the viaduct and a few Bullfinch were heard and a couple seen.

Some birdsong made a nice change, as well.

Not many people with bins seen.
A bit of  a rare hobby, birding, it would appear.

I think I need to head for lots of water to see owt special, this time of year?

A very enjoyable time out, on a really mild December day, while Sue was swimming with Abi at Spenborough Baths.

Elusive Sparrowhawk

Here lies Mrs Tanner?
(for you oldies).

A 'bit' of a Mystery!

Acrobatic Goldcrest.
They never seem to rest

Great Spotted Woodpecker in flight

(not so) Great Spotted Woodpecker in flight!!

Herring Gull - see below

Common Gull left - Herring Gull Right?
(Size Difference)

Robin the Goalie

Back end of a Male Bullfinch I believe

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