Wednesday, 10 January 2018

√A walk to Asa Nicholson's cafe

A local walk this aft  to Asa Nicholson's cafe to stretch our legs after the fog had finally said ta ta.

We went via Ingham Lane, Syke Lane, Keighley Road and home via Denholme Gate Road.

There was a sign of Spring, around the corner, with a few Snowdrops beginning to appear.

An unplanned stop at the Kelham farm shop proved  interesting for Sue, where Saville Oranges were on sale - they are great for making Marmalade and are only on sale in January.

There were a few birds about as well today, making for an enjoyable couple of hours out and about.

Earlier, on a visit to The Boulevard Medical centre - Skircoat Green way - I manged to see a few Long Tailed Tit and 2 M. Bullfinch.


3 Mistle Thrush and 2 or possibly 3 Kestrel were seen, in ones, at different points along the way.

The Shay fields, below Soil Hill, held a few Lapwing and a nice new year tick in the shape of a couple of Golden Plover.

Looking towards Denholme Cricket field (as was) I picked out a few distant Fieldfare and Sue spotted about 100 Fieldfare in the next field.
One Fieldfare in particular stood out with lighter plumage than the others?

They were a bit too distant to get any decent photos though.

A Little Owl was seen in one of it's usual haunts and a large flock of Lapwing were circling above a partially frozen and bereft of birds, Raggalds Flood.
A few small Gulls here and there as usual.

A good outing. (and no 'fog_and_rain')

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