Saturday, 6 January 2018

√Bradshaw - Ogden Circular Walk

13:10 - 15:50

A pleasant, if cold, afternoon and a walk through the Bradshaw fields to Ogden and back.

Ogden car park was chocker, I was glad I had not brought the car.


A good scan for the Little Owl was, at first, a dip but after settling off for East View farm, I stopped and took one last look round.
The Little Owl had popped up onto a wall and was watching me - nosy or what?

A Buzzard called from way beyond Back Lane, Ogden as I reached Ned Hill Road.
I did not eyeball it alas.

As I was scanning for the Buzzard, a Kestrel landed on a wall below Soil Hill Farm, just within camera range.
The Kestrel had caught some prey, and spent the next 15 minutes having a late lunch.

2 other Halifax birders were checking out Back Lane, Ogden when I got there.
One picked out a Kestrel way over across the Moor.

14:20 Ogden Water.

Plenty of folk here but not much to get excited about.

Small numbers of Black Headed and Common Gulls - 90% Black Headed, were mainly in the feeding area with the Mallards.
A Cormorant was seen briefly, diving before it left.

A couple of flighty Goldcrest were seen on the circuit.

Dipper left the North East side as I followed the Main track around the water.

A small flock of Lapwing were airborne as I looked south from the start of Ned Hill Lane.

A Mistle Thrush was in the fields by my house as I took me boots off.

Somewhere along the way 3 Roe Deer were seen as well.

A very enjoyable outing.

Kestrel Probably

Somewhere along the way...

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