Friday, 12 January 2018

√Bradshaw Ogden Circular

12:15 - 15:15

The usual walk to Ogden via the Bradshaw Farm paths.
At Ogden I went up Back Lane and soon turned left and crossed the fields to the woodland boundary fence.
A right here and a fair trek, up the moors, to the bridge that crossed the stream (hoping to eyeball a Green Woodpecker).
Here I went down with the stream, back to Ogden Water.

A nosy along the east side of the water and home via Union Lane etc.

The fog lifted for a while but returned later.


A bit scarce today - the gloom not helping.

A Kestrel was near Low Farm and a Little Owl was on a wall further along.

2 calling Bullfinch were in the small woodland after the farms, but I didn't see them.

A small Lapwing flock were airborne at the end of Ned Hill Road.
A pr. Collard Dove were seen from Syke Lane.

My second Little Owl was seen near Ogden.
A few Pheasants and Small Gulls in the fields.

The hike up to the stream bridge and down the path by the stream was very disappointing with just 2 Carrion Crow for company.

Ogden Water 14:00

Small Gulls and Mallards no sightings of the Kingfisher or Dipper today.
2 Goldcrest were by the Christmas Tree line.

The fog became more dense on the homeward route, with many small Gulls flying North West to roost? and just c200 Starlings seen, flying ,ghostly, past.

The mist clearance did not last long

Bradshaw Little Owl

Ogden Little Owl

A bit of Moorland scenery

Looking down to the stream.
Watch you footing around here

Returning on stream path

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