Monday, 1 January 2018

√New Year's Day - 3 Hour Hike in the RAIN

13:30 - 16:20

Bradshaw - Raggalds Flood - Soil Hill - Coal Lane - Ogden Plantation - Ogden Water - Percy Road - Taylor Lane - Bradshaw.

I set off with some nice leather sheepskin gloves on and returned with 2 heavy black sponges - amazing tricks the weather can play.

Enough stair rods to carpet Led Zeppleins Stairway to Heaven this aft.

Apart from 3, 5 min interludes the outing was very wet.

Ogden Water amazed me when I arrived to a car park with many cars and people walking in this stuff.

Birds were (nearly) non-existent.

Raggalds Flood - 3 Black Headed Gull.

Miles off, in the lower Shay fields,a very large Gull,possibly a Great Black Backed Gull?? 
Difficult to make out the leg colour, but I think it's pinkish.
The white trailing edge to the wing, on the in-flight (under wing) pic, looks the part though.
This would be a good bird for my 2018 list.

A Kestrel was toughing it out, hunting in the rain above Ned Hill Track.I think it's a Female.
The usual Small Gulls and Mallards were on Ogden Water, although there could well have been others in the gloom.

I still haven't caught up with the North End Little Grebe but I did manage to see the Kingfisher flying from the centre of the north end bushes across the water.
Again, a good bird for my 2018 list.

The mobile rang and I got a bolloc telling off from her-in-doors for 'being out walking in this stuff' before she left our house to take Abi and Emma back home.

As bad as it was it was better than the TV, Snakes and Ladders and Ludo combined.

Oh, OK then - not Ludo,

Sat here at the moment stuffing my face on a tin of biscuits (not the tin obviously) awaiting my next  bolloc telling off.
Hope the bicckies weren't a special gift.

I must think up some New Year Resolutions to break, soon.
I may have already broken one with the biscuits?

(I did not get much feed back from my bird quiz, alas.
I guess it was a bit of a failure).


The trailing edge (above) looks good for a GBBG

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