Tuesday, 30 January 2018

√Soil Hill, Ogden, Bradshaw farm track

9:45 - 13:45

The usual walk today.
I looked out this morning and the day had a warm sort of look to it.
On Soil Hill top it was raw, with a real ear-stinger of a westerly wind.
It was a good deal calmer at Ogden Water and very warm, in fact, in the visitors centre with a coffee for company!

Many volunteers were working around the water's perimeter, performing last rites on the Christmas Trees, in the mud.
The Promenade 'sluice' area was gushing water with workmen here.
Above the sluice, the Promenade itself, is having a face lift with new tubular fencing replacing the old stuff,along the promenade walls.

Lots of action but not many birds.

The farm track from the bottom of Ned Hill Road to home has bags of summer potential but in winter it does not reveal much!


5 Meadow Pipit by the Muck Heap on Taylor Lane was a pleasing surprise.
Soil Hill was ...... C O L D.
A pr. Mallard and probably aTeal on the very distant NK pond.
(I had hoped for Snow Bunt or a Snipe of some description, up here, but it was not to be)
Ned Hill Track had a solitary Wren.
Entering the conifers after 'Another World Adventure Centre' a Treecreeper popped up from nowhere.
Approaching Back Lane there were a few passing Herring Gulls.

Ogden Water:

Given all the action taking place, I did not expect a lot.

Mallard, Lesser Black Backed Gull, Common and Black Headed Gull were seen.
An 'odd' looking Mallard with strange head markings was here.
I wondered if it might be partially blind.
Crossing the prom a would be pr. Goosander flew quickly past, just as an elderly gentleman stopped me for a chat.
Drat, I thought - but I need not have worried because the Goosander  morphed into a very light coloured drake Mallard when I eventually caught up with it in the far NE corner.

On the return leg, looking west from the bottom of Ned Hill Lane,  'Hundreds' of Starling were way off in the lower fields.
Also hereabouts were a few Fieldfare.
The usual small birds were seen as I passed by the farms.
The 'Little Owl' field had a good few horses near it's usual haunt and I did not locate it here.
A slight detour down the lane by Brandy Hall, paid dividends as I did eyeball the Little Owl near here.
A very cold but enjoyable few hours out and about.

Snow tomorrow?

Many thanks for looking in on the blog.

Miles off - Mallard and probable Teal

Very poor, distant photos of the Starling Flock with a few Fieldfare:-


  1. A bit nippy today mate but at least you got out and about

  2. Soil Hill used to be a fridge in a previous life, Dave.
    But it's got colder since then.
    Thanks for the comment.

    Little Owl.