Wednesday, 28 February 2018

A Nasty Day

I seem to have received a present from Abigail in the form of her cough/cold that she had last week .... but my cold in MAN'S FLU .... (you just ask Sue).

Abigail walked to her school in Heckmondwike with her dad but a phone call sent her dad back to school to pick her up again, as the school was closing.

Lots of snow about today and apart from a trip to Kelham Farm Shop and Halifax we did not venture far.

The Kelham Farm Shop car park was a credit to them with the snow shifted and the black tarmac in view.

Coming down Pavement Lane a blizzard reduced visiblilty to 'next to nowt' and the temperature on the car reflected this with a minus 5 reading.
I don't remember a daytime temperature so low before.

Just a few birds in the garden.
3 Blackbirds were here, with one standing guard on the meal worms only to get mugged by some rowdy Starlings.
I had to top up the grub 3 times this aft.

The Dunnock seems such a happy bird, hopping about, taking a few meal worms then darting back into the hedge.

2 Robin here today as well but no sign of my Pr. Mistle Thrush.

Hopefully all this will snowy stuff will be a distant memory by Sunday Tea Time?

Kelham Farm Shop

Keighley Road

Pavement Lane

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  1. Bad Day for anything apart from sledging today mate, even the deliveries were cancelled.