Monday, 12 February 2018

√A walk in the snow to see the Raven

Frequent snow showers again this morning and early afternoon.
After I shifted a lot of it we decided to walk to Morrison's early afternoon,and take my sister there for some lunch.

It snowed for the most part going, but there was some pleasant sunshine on the return walk.

I was hoping to catch up with the Raven (thanks to DJS) that I saw along Heathmoor Road, a week or so back.

Keeping to roads mostly today, we just had Starlings and Crows for company, on the outward walk in the snow showers.

When the weather improved, on the return leg, Gulls could be seen sailing along above Heathmoor Road.
A few Herring Gulls were seen with the Small Gulls, but no pics alas.

A large Corvid was feeding opposite the houses as a dog approached.
I managed to get some distant photos worried that the dog might spook the bird.

I need not have worried though.

Although the dog went to where the bird was foraging, the bird flew just 5 yards away and it was not unduly perturbed by the dog being so close by.

The bird was a Raven a real reward for our snowy trudge.
Looks like the Raven is a permanent fixture hereabouts!

A distant Corvid on St Mary's church(?) as was, is probably a Raven also.

Looking down from Heathmoor Road, Mixenden Reservoir was miles away, but a Cormorant could be seen with the, impossible to ID, Gulls.

A good few hours out and about.

A distant Mixenden Reservoir

Possibly a mega distant Cormorant

Raven on the church?

Raven on the church - Full zoom and cropped.

Calling Common Gull pics:-

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