Thursday, 22 February 2018

√Birdcage Lane Area - Bingley Canal - Ogden to Bradshaw

A real mixed bag of outings today.

Birdcage Lane Area:

A trip to Sue's dad allowed me a window of 15 minutes to take a walk along the narrow road that turns left at the top of birdcage Lane.

Quite fortunate really - as I was looking at a Great Tit  with the bins, a Great Spotted Woodpecker flew through the view.
The bird landed and took an interest in a potential nest site.

Bingley 5 Rise Locks.

We took my sister out for a 'cafe' and a walk along the canal at Bingley, 5 Rise Locks area.

The saunter along the canal was very rewarding birdwise.

First up a Red Kite flew overhead, and returned later in the walk.
A Sparrowhawk was kind enough to 'flap,flap glide' as it passed high above.
There is something special about Raptors (especially ones I think I can ID!).

A Coal Tit popped up to sit in the sun for a mo.
Good numbers of Long Tailed Tit were here also.
3 Grey Wagtail were seen with 2 Mute Swan.
The ladies returned to the cafe and I took a look at Bingley Bog North.
I was lucky enough to catch sight of a distant Little Egret (reported on the BOG web site a while back).
The Little Egret soon moved into the longer grass.
A great bird to locate.
A Good few Long Tailed Tit in the bushes here as well.

Ogden to Bradshaw 15:20 - 17:00 (ish).

Later Sue dropped me at Ogden to provide me with some well needed extra exercise.
I was hoping something might have dropped in.
Cold now and the SE wind more noticeable.
Not a lot here.
Just Robin and Blackbird seen on the circuit.
The water held the usual Common and Black Headed Gulls with (possibly) a 1st winter Herring Gull - looks like I'll have to look at my Bird ID Books.
Also here c30 Canada Geese.
Just a Pheasant seen from Back Lane.

A Kestrel was kind enough to fly quickly past as I slurped along the now quagmire that used to be Ned Hill Track.

I found the walk home very tough going, with a stop for a breather a necessity as I climbed over Soil Hill.
A Moorhen was on the very distant Lower NK pond.

Nothing else up here, but given the late hour and the very cold wind, what else did I expect?

Looking at the Gull ID will have to wait - I should have been out of here 5 mins ago.

Birdcage Lane:

Bingley 5 Rise Locks:


1st Winter Herring Gull (possibly)

Common Gull


  1. A good day out John well done mate make the most of em the cold weathers on its way again.

  2. Red Kite will always be a special bird - wherever you are !