Friday, 23 February 2018

√Bradshaw - Raggalds Flood - Soil Hill

15:00 - 16:20

Abigail and Emma with us today, so I just had a local stroll.
I didn't expect much with the icy wind.
My expectations were smack on.

A Kestrel was in the 'Little Owl' patch , seen from Bradshaw Lane.

Raggalds Flood was mostly frozen, and will soon be an "ex-parrot" (if you get my drift)' with no birds present.

The large Soil Hill quarry pond has lots of unfrozen juice, but no returning Oyks yet.

The smaller Soil Hill ponds were frozen.

A cold stroll about hoping for a Snipe or Bunting failed.

The only bird here was a Heron, flushed from the main track.
The lower NK pond had a distant black dot - a Moorhen.

A Skylark called as I went along Percy Rd.

A Kestrel flew with speed above Taylor Lane.

No Little Owl seen again today.

A Pr. of Ma!lard flew overhead, completing a real lack luster outing, as I headed for home.

Sorry to bore the pants off you! (But if you don't look....).
I'm still hoping that this easterly wind will bring some goddies in.

It is pleasing to see that other local birders are getting Whoopers.


  1. At least your trying John, I looked for the Little Owl yesterday but no joy.

  2. Thanks Dave.
    Sue says I'm very trying at times.
    The Threshing machine little owl is not around anymore.