Sunday, 25 February 2018

√Pugneys Park - Wakefield

We took Abigail and her dad to Pugneys Park at Wakefield, where Abi enjoyed riding her bike and playing in the play area.
There is also a good value café here and of course the lakes.
I managed an hour or so, walking around the lake.

The wind was biting but the sun shone and it was pleasantly warm out of the wind and in the sun.

When we arrived the main lake had a motorised boat on it , this kept the birds at bay unfortunately.

On the smaller lake the majority of the wildfowl were as far away from the hide as possible, and 'dazzled' by the lovely sunshine.

I did get a few good birds though.

A Male Bullfinch was near the hide and I managed to get a few good-ish photos.
I took the 'castle' path, hoping that it would meander around to get some better views of the small lake's wildfowl, but it didn't.

Some kind soul had put some feeders in the trees here, and the feeders were popular with Blue, Great, Coal and Long Tailed Tits as well as Squirrels.

A Reed Bunting was in the trees nearby - one of my favourite birds.
Also here a Jay.

On the small lake there were a pr. Great Created Grebe, my first of the year.
Also about Tufted Duck and huggings of Coot.
Teal were on the reed beds at the very limit of my camera / bins focus and, no doubt, other wildfowl that I could not make out.

The usual gang of Cormorants were sunbathing.

There were a few large Gulls passing overhead periodically - possibly a Great Black-backed Gull in amongst.

There were also large Gulls on the lake, but the distance to them and quality of the photos, makes giving credence to any of my ID's dubious.

An enjoyable day out.

Pleasing to see (Calderdale Birders Blog and a thoughtful text) that Ogden had Whoopers on it this morning.

1. Pugneys





6. Great Black-Backed Gull

7. Not sure - Maybe 2nd Year Herring gull


 8. Herring Gull / Cormorant??

9. Two unid's to centre
cropped below:

10. Cropped - Possibly Great Crested Grebe?
But the pic is very, very  poor.

 11. Herring Gull


13. Reed Bunting

 14. Probably 1st Winter Herring Gull


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