Monday, 12 March 2018

Birdcage Lane area/ Saville Park & Ogden

Birdcage Lane / Saville Park:

10:15 - 11:15

A wet saunter about this morning while Sue was visiting her dad at Ing Royde.
The miserable conditions kept the birds at bay, with no Woodpeckers seen or heard today.

A few Great Tit and a couple of Nuthatch were all I could muster as I walked along the top of the Oak Woods.

A very wet Saville Park stroll faired a little better.

Black Headed and Common Gulls were finding worm types with ease, on Saville Park fields.
Other than that just a couple of Woodpigeon with the Corvids. 

I did mange to pick out 2 Redwing in the trees though.
Surprising how such a colourful bird blends in with the trees.


13:30 - 14:20

Cold and wet with it here this afternoon.

Not much about.

The Moorhen called from the bread lobbers area.
2 Canada Geese were with a few Mallards, the other Mallard population was wide spread on the water - presumably because of the dearth of bread.

One large Gull - probably a 2nd Winter Herring Gull.

A few Black Headed and Common Gulls on the water was about it.

Top of the Pops were 4 Treecreeper seen on the circuit, a good count for me.

Saville Park:


Large Gull - probably 2nd Winter Herring Gull

Spot the Treecreeper

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