Saturday, 17 March 2018

√Blizzards and Sun

13:40 - 17:00

Very Cold, icy wind.

I caught the 13:30 , Number 504 bus, from Bradshaw Church to Foreside Lane area, Denholme.
This saved me walking into the nasty easterly gale on my way to Ogden this afternoon.

From Denholme I followed a few bridleways and paths  across moorland to exit high on Back Lane, Ogden.

I thought I might just get an early Wheatear, dream on, I got a White Ear as compensation.

A light coloured Hare shot out and teared across the snowy moor into reeds with no chance of a photo - my first goodie.

I heard a sharp call from nearby but couldn't locate a bird until I looked skyward, where a Snipe was flying away fast overhead.

3 Fieldfare were feeding near sheep in the snow fields just off Back Lane.

Ogden water had a nice, short lived, sunny bit.

On the water were Pr. Goosander, Pr Tufted Duck, a few Black Headed Gull and fewer Common Gull.
The Mallards had 4 Canada Geese for company.
I gave BS a quick wave as he was leaving.

A very quick flypast in a snowy interlude, nearly caught me out, but I managed a few pics.

c40 birds blasted overhead as I crossed the Promenade - Curlew, a nice surprise?

c30 Goldfinch were calling loudly to each other in a tree in the car park area, before they shot off across the water.
I took a few very distant photos, but cannot see any Siskin in with them.

The feeders held a Nuthatch as I walked past on the way home

The walk home was grim, weather wise with mostly blizzard conditions.
Nevertheless a really enjoyable trudge, good for the soul,  through the snow and a few decent birds on Ogden Water as a bonus.

Blackbird see from Matalan's  car park this morning

Pretty on the moors at times

A bit grim at times.

Ogden Water through the trees



  1. The Hare sounds interesting John - any pictures ?
    A good count of Curlew as well - it's tough for them out there at the moment.

  2. Sorry Dave, no photos of the Hare.
    I've seen Hares before in this area, normally Brown.
    I only got a view of its rear as it left at speed.
    It looked lighter though, but it immediately dropped down over a hill alas.
    The Curlew were a nice surprise.
    They looked very Gull like at the time, with the long bill not reply apparent.
    The frost won't help them much.
    Its been a long winter.