Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Local walkabout - Spring is in the air

11:00 - 15:20

We enjoyed our usual walk along the road(s) to Asa Nicholson's café. On the return leg I left Sue and sloped off over Soil Hill, Ned Hill Track, Percy Road and Taylor Lane to see if 'owt was about.

Although it was cold and dull for the most part, the sun did make a late appearance and Soil Hill had a bit more of a spring feeling to it.


Meadow Pipits were on Ingham Lane field walls.

c15 Lapwing overhead along Denholmegate Road.

A Kestrel was calling loudly from a field near the café and then a second Kestrel landed on a nearby wall.

A Pied Wagtail was in fields and one on the Farm Shop roof.
Lots of Corvids on the  Farm Shop veggie tip.

Raggalds flood looks to have great potential with lots of juice - but just a corvid there today.

Soil Hill to Home 13:15 - 15:20.

The Soil Hill quarry pond had an Oystercatcher, just visible on the shoreline.

A very large black and white (Lapwing like) bird was miles away over Oxenhope (TMR)Reservoir.

Moorhen on the very distant NK pond.

Also about Pheasant, Kestrel and a couple of Large Gulls overhead,Meadow Pipit, 2 Curlew,2 Stock Doves overhead and 3 Stock Doves on a lower wall, Skylark.

A small flock of Lapwing were with a Heron in the lower north fields.

A second Heron or maybe the original flew high overhead, calling loudly.
A Red Grouse called but I did not eyeball it.

Percy Lane had a 5 Stock Dove flypast.

The Taylor Lane Little Owl made an appearance.

A slight detour from Bradshaw Lane paid dividends with a sighting of a second  Little Owl at a new location.

A pleasing outing, with plenty of birds to keep me entertained for a few hours.

A few pic - most birds very distant alas - too distant for my little bridge camera (Lumix FZ72) to make them look good!

Poor/Snooker tonight - better get me skates on.

Watch Out!

Lots & Lots of these holes.
Mice or Voles?
Probably both

Pleased I got this photo

Hello Dolly

Taylor Lane Little Owl

Bradshaw Lane detour Little Owl.
Looks darker than the Taylor Lane bird.
But it might be the light.


  1. very interesting black and white raptor..any other pics of that one.,, any other angles..??

  2. Sorry Andy.
    No pictures, about 1 mile away.
    Just a short sighting through the bins.
    Looked large & 'black and white' and not in any hurry.
    It flew around the res. before I lost it.
    I looked at the BOG blog, later, to see if anyone had reported a 'Raptor' but no joy there.
    Thanks for the interest.