Sunday, 11 March 2018

Mother's Day Haworth Hike

We decided to take advantage of the big improvement in the weather and take a hike over the moors to Haworth.
We took the usual route, Bradshaw Farms, Skye Lane, Ogden Lane, Back Lane Bridleway all the way to the watershed opposite Oxenhope Reservoir (TMR).
Oxenhope Reservoir looked to be 50% frozen - still.

Then a pleasant descent past Leeming and through Oxenhope village to pick up the path along the stream by Oxenhope station, to exit eventually at the bottom of Haworth.

The going was 'good to firm' until just past Leeming, where a bog was crossed.

The path near the stream after Oxenhope Station is a real mud slider and it caught me out, when I made an unexpected slip and landed in the muddy stuff. It could have been worse, it could have been Sue.
"When are you going to ditch those boots?" She asked.
"They have already been re-soled and re-healed and now they have no tread and they are split and leaking".
My favourite boots are now in our wheeley bin (might just pull 'em out again though).

Oxenhope Railway station car park was full, so was the overspill car park and lots of people were walking the stream path to get some photos of their friends on the choo-choo.

They were not expecting so much mud though, and a few ladies were walking very tentatively through the thick of it.

We were very fortunate with the Sunday buses, Haworth - Hebden Bridge bus came within 5 mins.
After a café visit in Haworth we waited only 5 mins for the Halifax bus.
There are no Sunday buses to Bradshaw so we caught the Queensbury bus (this was waiting for us as well) and home via Roper Lane with a short cut via Shugden Farm.


No camera or bins today but a few goodies did turn up along the way.
3 Curlew (one seen, two calling on the moors).
Meadow Pipit (nice to see these are moving higher up the moors).
Skylark in song.
4 Red Grouse (two heard and two flushed from underfoot).
15 Lapwing fly over.
Red Legged Partridge flushed from underfoot.
c18 Canada Geese on Leeming Reservoir.
3 Mistle Thrush.

Luddendenfoot had 2 Herons Nests with Herons seen in attendance at both nests.

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