Thursday, 15 March 2018

Shibden Park - Ogden to Bradshaw

Shibden Park.

I took my sister for a coffee to Shibden Park late morning and we had a short stroll to see if anything juicy might have dropped in, and, to escape the Bradshaw gloom.


Black Headed Gull, Mute Swan, Coot, Moorhen, Mallard, Pr. Canada Geese.

Pr. Grey Wagtail looking at a nest site in a wall.
Listened to a Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming off and on for 15 minutes or so, but couldn't locate it.

I got itchy feet this aft. looking at the fog and drizzle for an hour or two, and decided to go to Ogden to see what was about anyway.

Ogden - Bradshaw

15:00 - 16:35


Fog was very dense, with perhaps 10yds of visibility.
On the water,Black Headed Gulls could be heard but not seen.
The odd Mallard popped into view periodically.
The 'sluice' was not visible from the promenade.

An 'obscured' walk around the circuit , was still better than sitting at home, even given the poor weather.

Blackbird, Robin, Blue & Great Tit and a pretty Song Thrush were seen along the way.

An Owl called from NE conifers, probably a Tawny Owl - thinking it was night time?

A lady mentioned that there was probably a Smew on the water today.

A pretty Coal Tit was in the conifers by Boggart Brigg.

The walk home had nowt of note apart from a speedy Audi TT, with just small side lights showing, trying to squish me as I crossed Keighley Road - he missed me, so you have to read this poor report!

Roll on the beast from the east II.

I keep telling myself that if I don't go and look some Mega will drop in!

Some splendiferious photos.

Shibden Park:


The Sluice from the Promenade

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