Sunday, 8 April 2018

Sunday afternoon - local outing

16:25 - 18:00

After the woodland areas this morning I thought I give the more open areas a look at, hoping for 'Ringo'.

A really pleasant walk around my local area, late afternoon with a serene Soil Hill, devoid of wind and really, really quiet - very spooky.


A Green Woodpecker was calling as I went up Bradshaw Lane - it was still calling 90 mins later when I came back down.

3 Pied Wagtail, 2 Kestrel - one calling.
Skylark, many Meadow Pipits.
Pr. Oystercatcher, Heron.
Pr. Curlew, 7 Magpie together and another 6 together.

Pr. Little Owl also seen.

A Meadow Pipit was doing a fine Tree Pipit impersonation in a tree on Soil Hill.
The bird flew from Tree to ground which is a good indicator for Meadow Pipit and its a bit too early for Tree Pipit.
I have this confusing species to look forward to!

The F. Wheatear beauty that I spotted, yesterday, was '4 posts' further back from yesterday's position - amazing!

I looked at a 'House Sparrow' on a feeder (the feeder was obscured by a garage) - hoping for Tree Sparrow - the bird turned out to be a Reed Bunting - one of my favourites,

A Mistle Thrush was singing in the tree opposite our house as I cleaned my walking boots.

A few days with Abigail and Emma to entertain, coming up, so I got a couple of birding stints in today!

A second Heron or a plastic bag?

A Meadow Pipit in a tree:-

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